Tuesday, June 10, 2014

This week's favorite


Pulp Fiction 

One of the things which affected me when I was younger was this movie, because it was so different from other movies I had been seen. I love that it had a lot of different references to pop culture. The effects they used in the movie made the scenes seem so real. I watched this movie on a big cinema screen, and I remember specific one scene when one of the main characters was going to prepare drugs for injection. After the scene I became really dizzy and I had to sit alone for awhile before I could watch the rest of the movie. It was so real. I also became a fan of Mia Wallace because of her style. After I watched the movie I got a hairclip just like her.  


Lana Del Rey 

As you probably have noticed on my blog I really like Lana's music. The music is so different from what we hear from today's music industry. Her music brings back to great memories when I was in peace with myself. A time when I was surrounded with beautiful and inspiring people. But also a time when I found the person I wanted to become and which interests I really liked such as philosophy, psychology and poetry. It was all about living for the moment, and everyday was a great adventure. I really missed that, because when it all happened it felt like a surreal dream. When I listened to the song, Videogames I started crying because it reminded me about this beautiful period of my life and the fact that it's all gone. She's a musician who takes time for her art and creates her own ideas and personas which she wants to be. I like the fact that she writes her own songs and that she covers songs from artists who are forgotton in our generation. Many references are from literature and poetry. She's a great inspiration to me because it also encourages me to work with my art project. I have many favorite tracks such as Videogames, Born to die, Blue Jeans, Yayo, Gods and Monster, Bel air etc. I'm looking forward to her new album, Ultraviolence. 



When I was younger I was introduced to different types of music, and music became a special part of me. I grew mostly with the 60's music. My parents had a lot of vinyl, and I think the vinyl player was on all the time. During the 90's. it was more grundge music. Before I always spent time visiting CD shops with friends when it was lunch break and I saw the Nirvana's Album, Nevermind which was on the bestseller shelf, and then I knew it had to be really good. I really loved Kurt Cobain's voice. It was very unique to me, a golden voice which is hard to find these days. My favorite tracks are Heart Shaped Box and Come As You Are.



  1. Hello from Spain: I love the music of Nirvana. A pity that the singer is dead .. keep in touch

  2. I LOVE love love "Pulp Fiction" and basically every project Tarantino does in general. And Lana is one of my all time favourites!! I have to admit I've never gone through a Nirvana phase, my teenage years went like this: U2- Beatles- Coldplay in the rock bands section. Such a cool post!

    Have a great week,
    Mary x

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  5. We have a lot of similar things, love your weekly favourites and of course I follow you here and in bloglovin.


  6. I love Nirvana. Fancy we follow? kisses

  7. Hey, I also grew up listening to Nirvana. The band kind of played a significant role to me during my teen years. I'm so over that stage ow, but if I hear any of their songs, it brings memories and I still know the lyrics. Funny :)

    Lu, www.balgarka.co.uk

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  9. I love lana! nice post:)
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  10. The Pulp Fiction my all time fav! Love your blog!


  11. Hello I'm new to your blog ;) Just passing by ;)
    Pulp Fiction is a classic and I have it forever in my PC but I've never watch it, probably have to watch it soon because I know it is pretty awesome. As for Lana Idk I didn't like Ultraviolence tbh, it was all just the same to me, though I LOVE her Born To Die, everysong was beautiful.