Sunday, September 27, 2015

A star for you

Dress - Newdress

It has been raining every day the past weekend, so it was really great when it was sunny the whole weekend. Today, I decided to wear a summer inspired outfit. It's also whimsical and vintage inspired. It's not so very long time until the cold weather is coming, and then it will be impossible to wear summer clothes, so I took the opportunity. When it comes to my outfit I wanted to wear light colours. I wanted to wear this floral headband for so long, so I decided to style it with this beautiful and simple dress from Newdress
It has become my favorite dress lately. I really love the lace material and that it has an elegant and whimsical touch to the outfit. But the best thing is that the dress is very comfortable. For me it's important to wear clothes which you feel comfortable in. If you like the dress, you can click Here
I haven't posted so many outfits lately like I used to, which is something I should be better at! You will see more of it in my future posts! 

I think I will start with having this post's question:

How tall do you think I am?


Saturday, September 26, 2015

Landybridal wedding dresses

One of the things I like the most is to find great inspiration. I often find inspiration from fashion magazines, music, movies, photography, museums and beautiful places I have been. But lately, I have been inspired by wedding photography and wedding dresses. I just love the landscape and dresses in these photos. White has become one of my favorite colours, and it's really tempting to bring with me one of my favorite white dresses and have a great photoshoot outside, that would be really great. The time goes so quickly and I haven't thought about it until this day after people I have gone to the same class in High School are getting married. 

I have got so many wedding photos that it's almost impossible to not get inspired since they look absolutely stunning and beautiful. When I was visiting my hometown and my friends and I were passing by a shop which sells wedding dresses, my friends and I were talking about our classmates in High School were getting married. It's still unusual to us since we have just started our lives! We discussed what kind of wedding dresses we like, and what kind of styles since we all have a great interest in fashion designs. I love the vintage wedding dresses the most, but I showed them a shop called landybridal which sells great wedding dresses and is a very inspiring shop, so we spent there looking at dresses and discussing about them. I have to admit it was very inspiring to look at these dresses.  

I don't know how long we were sitting and looking at wedding dresses, but there were so many wedding dresses with wonderful details. I remember we wanted to buy all of them. But we definitely love the designs and the styles in a collection called wedding dresses 2016
They were really stunning and beautiful. 

When it comes to wedding dresses. My favorite is definitely the vintage wedding dresses. I love them the most, especially the wedding dress to Priscilla Presley. Her wedding dress, hair style and make up was on point. One of my favorite wedding photos of all time. Besides vintage wedding dresses my favorites are 


Friday, September 25, 2015


The autumn weather is so beautiful here and I have to say that autumn is a very inspiring season. I have been collecting inspiring photos and I thought I would share them with you. 

Have a great weekend everyone! 


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Cocomelody wedding dresses

One of the things I really love the most when it comes to dresses are wedding dresses. I love looking at wedding photoshoots which have been taken in beautiful landscapes. For me it's something magical with wedding photoshoots, and the happiness you get by looking at these photos.The great memories which are created and the feelings they must have felt. I definitely love all kinds of wedding dresses. The site I visited which has the most beautiful and inspiring wedding dresses is cocomelody
I love the styles and the designs. It's something unique with these dresses, and I could myself away by looking at these wonderful photos. 

I often look at wedding photography, just to get inspiration. I get inspired by all things beautiful which evoke me in a certain way. I have looked at wedding photos taken by the beach, and I have to admit they were just breathtaking. and it was sort of a freedom to look at these photos. The beautiful beach wedding dresses
they were wearing and the landscape. It really inspired me to just plan a photoshoot by the beach with all of my dresses. It's something about photoshoots by the beach which makes everything so special and magical. 

Since we are talking about wedding dresses, there are so many different types of wedding dresses. I like modern wedding dresses, but I just love vintage wedding dresses. It's something with the design and style which is appealing to me. But I have been told many times that I am an old soul, so maybe that's why I like everything vintage. In general I like everything beautiful and unique, and lately I have got an eye on destination wedding dresses 

If you are looking for wedding dresses for inspiration. I recommend having a look at the shop, cocomelody. They are currently having a big sale of wedding dresses, maybe you find something that you like.   


Sunday, September 20, 2015

Kawaii shopping haul

It's been a long time ago since I had a shopping haul post on this blog, so I thought it was time to do it. This is a haul of some of my latest buys. As you probably know I like everything which is cute and vintage inspired. I really love floral headbands and when I saw these ones I knew imminently I had to get these ones. I can't wait to style an outfit with them! I also love bow headbands and other cute headbands. For me they create a whole difference to my outfit, and I don't need to do anything special to my hair. I simply love the mint bag with a bow, it's really cute and I don't have a bag with this colour which is really strange since I love pastel colours. 

One of the things I need is nail polishes! It feels so strange and empty not to have any colours to my nails. I am currently into Japanese nail designs, so I decided to buy some glitter nail polishes and pink nail polish and experiment. When I have little time and have to do my nails I often wear fake nails. I found these ones and I definitely love the styles. I have always wanted sunglasses with floral design or heart shaped sunglasses, so when I found these ones I needed to get them right away. Currently, I am having side fringe and for me it makes it look even better with cute hairclips. Two things I have to wear are rings and earrings. I am a big collector of cute and vintage inspired things so when I saw these lens boxes I really wanted them. I also love cute stuffed animals, so when I saw these ones I needed to have them. Most of the things are bought from ebay. I always find something nice there.   

I hope that you like the shopping haul!

Did you find something that you like?