Thursday, May 21, 2015

Diet mountain Dew

Dress - Trendsgal
Boater hat - H&M 

 Dress - Trendsgal

It's been a while since I posted an outfit on this blog, so I thought it was about time to do it. The weather has been really great lately with sunny days. It inspired me to wear clothes with light colours and floral print. This outfit is simple and vintage inspired. I really love this maxi dress from Trendsgal
It has the most beautiful colour and I especially love the floral print. It makes the dress really special. I don't usually wear maxi dresses, but this dress was really beautiful. It's definitely perfect for summer. When it comes to this dress I wanted to make it simple and style it with a boater hat. It definitely make the outfit stand out more. I thought this dress looked perfect when it comes to combine it with some golden elements and that was one of the reasons why I wanted to wear golden shoes.

I have been spending a lot of time on the shop Trendsgal 
and they have so many beautiful and cute dresses which are definitely perfect for summer. As you probably know I have a thing for cute and vintage inspired dresses. I have had an eye on the white dress which I have posted in this blog entry for a very long time. It's absolutely stunning and it's defnitely my style so I had to have it. I posted a photo of this dress in case you wanted it too. My readers often ask me where I buy all the beautiful dresses and accessories since they like my style, so I thought I would introduce new shops for you where I buy my clothes. I have a thing for shops which have unique and beautiful pieces not matter if it's expensive or cheap. But lately, I have had an eye on Trendsgal which sells many vintage inspired and beautiful clothes, but also other things like shoes and bags. 
You should definitely have a look at this shop! I know you will definitely find great pieces and get inspire. Have a great shopping experience and have a great week my lovely readers!

I am really thankful that you are reading my blog and that you spend time on commenting my blog. 
On 7th June it's Fashioncandyfloss's 4th birhtday, so set the date!


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dresses and Bedding sets


If you have read my blog for a very long time you probably know that I have a thing for dresses. For me I really like dresses with unique and beautiful designs. I mostly buy dresses online rather than the stores nearby because there is a wider selection of dresses online. But also because I always find more beautiful dresses which I really like rather than the dresses in my local store. Honestly, I don’t find any great dresses in my local store anymore, and if I find one I always see others wearing exactly the same dress which is annoying. So that is one of the reasons why I always stick to buying dresses online, and it will most likely not be another person wearing the same dress. I have been online shopping for a long time and I have great experiences when it comes to that, so I want to share my experience with my lovely readers.

My favorite shop lately is called beformal
They have so many beautiful dresses in many different colours. There are many types of dresses in unique designs which are truly stunning and whimsical in style. I especially love the Formal dresses that they have, but they also sell amazing wedding dresses with great styles so if you are looking for wedding dresses you should have a visit. The shop also has lovely special occasion dresses such as cocktail dresses and evening dresses which are just incredible in style. I also love their collection of Bridesmaid dresses with are really beautiful. The best thing about this shop is that all the dresses are really cheap, so you should definitely visit this shop if you are looking for a dress for a special occasion or just looking for a great dress! 

I am currently decorating my sleeping room and I am currently looking for bedding to have for my room. The best thing is that 
I found Bedding Online from beformal that I really like and are willing to buy. 
If you are also looking for bedding sets to have in your sleeping room you should definitely have a look! They have a great variation for your personal preferences. They are currently running a great Bedding Sale, so you should have a look, you might find something that you like. I have added photos of dresses and bedding sets in this post which I like from this store as an inspiration for you. If you like what you see you should definitely have a look. Have a great shopping experience!


Saturday, May 16, 2015

Beautiful Dresses

I always wear dresses when I have the opportunity for it, especially for special events like weddings and prom. As you probably know I love collecting dresses, and I always look for dresses with interesting styles and outstanding designs. 

I always admire designers’ creativity to design so many wonderful dresses, and put so much work into it because they have a passion for it. It's amazing to see the designs turn into the actual dress. I really love to find dresses with amazing designs; it's like treasure hunting for me. it's really incredible when you find one dress that you really like and can use over and over again in years.

I came across an online shop called Rosa Novias which have the most amazing dresses with unique and special designs, which are perfect for all kinds of occasions, especially for weddings. I love their Bridesmaid Dresses. Their styles are extraordinary with amazing colours. They also have great selection of Evening Dresses with wonderful designs and amazing Prom Dresses. If you are looking for a wedding dress you should also have a visit. I have posted a couple of dresses that I really like from the shop. If you really like them, you should have a visit!


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Jewelry and body jewelry

As you probably have noticed I really love styling my outfits with jewelry like necklaces, earrings and rings. It makes an ordinary outfit look outstanding, but also interesting and special. It's one of the reasons why I love jewelry so much. I have to wear jewelry like every day, such as earrings and rings. I feel like something is wrong when I don't wear anything. I think some of you also feel that way. It's a habit of mine. I really love wearing small diamond earrings and rings on a daily basis and statement earrings and necklaces on parties. If you want to find simple and beautiful jewelry you should definitely have a look on freshtrends. It's an online shop where they sell a great variation of jewelry and body jewelry. I especially like the simple diamond earrings and necklaces that they have. I totally love this shop and I always find something here. If you like the jewelry I am wearing in my outfits you should definitely have a look to find similar ones. They also sell many beautiful and unique body jewlery and piercings like cartilage and belly button piercings. 
Do you like wearing Jewelry?

Monday, May 4, 2015

summer colours

It's been a while, but my days are mostly spent revising for exams, so I don't have so much to talk about. I can't wait for the summer holiday to arrive, because then I can update my blog regularly. But I hope that you are having a great week, and if you have exams then I wish you Good Luck!
I wonder what do you want to have more on my blog, outfits, hauls? Please tell me in the comments bellow.