Sunday, July 28, 2013

Wine and Black





Pants - Ginatricot
Blazer - Ginatricot
Necklace - H&M
Bag - Cubus
Sunglasses - H&M
The weather has stayed this nice for weeks now, which is a rare sight. But it's a great opportunity to take some outfits outdoor because of the perfect lighting. I love taking photos in this place because of the trees and flowers because you get sort of a summer feeling. But taking photos in the streets nearby was a funny experience. I had to keep myself from laughing. Because this area is really crowded, and people are walking by all the time. But also cars are driving a lot in this area. Sometimes, they stare extremely long while we're taking photos, and sometimes there are people passing by who ask us what we're taking photos for.
Anyways, as you have probably noticed I have been wearing a lot of pants instead of dresses and skirts. But I have to say that they're really comfortable, and if you style them right they can look really great and stylish. I always combine blazers and pants when I have little time, because it's really difficult to decide which dress or skirt you're going to wear when you have so many favorites. It takes me hours to choose between dresses or skirts for me. This outfit is an autumn inspired outfit. For some weird reasons I have been longing for chilly and cloudy weather. So I have tried to think about outfits I can wear during autumn. For autumn fashion I always think about dark colours like black and wine coloured. It's great to combine accessories in gold, to make it interesting, but it also spice up the outfit. That's what I have tried to do in this outfit. I hope that you like it!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Great Gatsby



Blouse - choies
Blazer - H&M
Hat - Bikbok
Bag - H&M
 This outfit is actually inspired by the movie, The Great Gatsby. I have watched the two versions of the movie, and I have to say that I like the old version better. I think it has something to do with the vintage effect of the film. In this outfit I wanted to try something new, so it's inspired by menswear fashion. But more like a feminine version of it. To be honest, I have never thought that I would get inspired by menswear fashion, since my style is very feminine. But I guess you  can never say never. I have to say that I love this location to take photos because it feels like you're escaping to a magical world for a moment.
However I hope that you like the outfit! The next blog post will be very childhood inspired with colourful pieces, so look forward to that.
The winner of the Chicnova voucher giveaway is Kayn Kosal. Congratulations! 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Back to the front




Blazer - Thrifted
Pants - H&M
Sunglasses - H&M
Backpack - Chicnova
One of the many things I want to show my readers are beautiful places and landscapes. This park is one of the most beautiful parks I have visited. It's a really big park with beautiful flowers and trees. I always walk here when I want to get some inspiration for poetry and other outfits. As you probably have noticed I am a real flower lover. I often use bags when I'm going to the city or other places, but I have to say that this backpack from Chicnova made my day easier. It's enough room to bring with you a lot of stuff. I was really lucky with the weather. It was sunny most of the day. After a lovely day in the park I had to go swimming. It's my favorite sport, and I have been swimming since I was three years old!    
I really love putting together colours like blue, white and red. It's a great colour combination. For some reasons it gives me a vintage feeling to the outfit. I have been reading about autumn fashion lately, and just looking at the outfits got me inspired. So I had to try to create an autumn outfit myself. I hope that you like the outfit!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Mermaid Hotel


Skirt - Choies
Necklace - Primark
Ring - H&M
Blouse - BikBok
Headpiece - Ginatricot

 As you have probably noticed I have been challinging myself when it comes to trying out new styles. But now I am back with my vintage and whimsical style which I find more comfortable. It's great to be back with my personal style, and after trying new styles it makes me realize how much I love my style. Anyways, when I first saw this skirt from Choies I associated it with light blue beaches and mermaids. I think it's something with the colours which make me connect it with beaches. So my inspiration for this outfit is mainly about that. I have been having this necklace and ring a couple of weeks ago, and I thought it matched perfecly to the skirt.
As you probably have noticed the inspiration part of every outfit is back. I think it's a great opportunity to have an insight of what inspire me. I was going to take photos of this outfit by a beach, but the weather decided to be grey and cloudy so I ended up taking photos inside. I hope that you have a lovely summer and is luckier than me when it comes to the weather!