Saturday, June 13, 2015

4th anniversary

I haven't been able to update because I have been busy with revising for exams. But on 7th June it was Fashioncandyfloss 4th anniversary!! I can't believe that I have been blogging for so long! I still remember the first time I started this blog and had no idea what kind of journey it would take me, and I have never regretted since then. When I started this blog I had no idea that anyone would read this blog or find it interesting. Today, I have readers around the whole world! It's still insane. You are definitely the best readers I could have, who leave so many beautiful and thoughtful comments. I wish I could meet you all one day and give all of you a big hug! Back in the days I just posted outfits because I wanted to inspire people and tell a story, but also share the beautiful places I've been. My blog is like a beautiful world I could escape to when I and other people needed it. I never thought my blog would go that far, until one of my readers was in the shop and found out that I was featured in a magazine or when I got invitations to fashion shows! 
Thank you so much for everything you have given me and I am looking forward to share many more years with you!

PS: I was thinking about making a birthday project! 
You can send in contents for example take a picture of you with a note with a few words about Fashioncandyfloss, drawings, poems or anything and I will make a video! It would mean a lot to me! You can send it to my e-mail: 

Yours truely