Monday, February 24, 2014


 I am not so much into trends, because I am a person who loves to mix things which I find beautiful and interesting to my outfits. But this year I heard that the pastel trend is back, which I really like. I always associate pastels with beautiful summer days for some reasons, maybe it's because I always bought ice cream with pastel colours and wore pastel dresses. If you have seen my first outfits on my blog I think you probably have seen some pastel inspired ones. But I never get tired of the pastel trend so I guess I will probably post new outfits inspired by the colours. Looking through these photos make me want to have pastel hair colour. I hope that you all will have a wonderful week!


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Facebook and Twitter

Finally it was sunny today after months of grey weather and dark days, even the local news was talking about it. So it made me post an outfit from the summer when it was so hot! As you probably know it's fashion week, and when I look through streetstyle photos I always get inspired. I have also received some invitations. But the schedule at the university is so hectic and the exams and assignments are around the corner which are my first priority. But when I have graduated or are finished with the important exams I will definitely go, and then you can follow my journey (if you are still following my blog). But for now I have to watch the show online which is better than nothing I guess.  See you very soon!

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Throwback look 2

Another throwback look this time. I haven't posted these two photos before, so I just thought why not post them. It's so strange to see old photos of me when I had one monolid and one double eyelid. Because one day I woke up and then I had double eyelids, it's the weirdest thing I have experienced in my life. I thought it lasted for a day because it happens when I sleep a lot. But it has stayed like this ever since. It's definitely easier to apply make up now than before, that's for sure. My days consist mostly of school lessons, reading for exams, writing essay and swimming. I often swim 1000 m every time when I'm swimming, but now I have noticed that swimming is becoming "popular" and there're so many who swim these days. Then I have to be careful not to bump into people while swimming. I hope that you're doing well!


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Childhood dreams

I'm an artist by heart, and I love everything related to artistic work. But what I used to do before I was into fashion and blogging was that I often directed and edited movies with friends for school projects. During this time I had piano lessons, wrote music and sang a lot. I never thought that I would start a fashion blog. Life is so unexpected.   

Before I used to live in a little town, and I have to say it was the best time of my life. The landscape was so beautiful, and it's where I got most of my inspirations for my artistic work. It's where I found the most beautiful and inspiring people in my life, who have been there for me all the time.

This video describes a lot of  the happiest moments in my life during my pre blogging period. You felt you were living for the moment and you had no idea what the future would be like.
The summer time was best. I was often with my closest friends and we spent a lot of time together, especially by the beach. We shared the same interests and that's why we sort of found each other.

The clips are not mine, but they describe a lot my happiest moments in my life. But it would look a lot like this if I had carried a camera with me all the time. I love super 8 cameras. They give a great vintage vibe to the clips. The piano song: "it's your day" by Yiruma  is one of my favourite piano pieces. It's a song which makes me happy. I often think about how my life was like.

I hope that you like the video, and don't forget to subscribe and give a thumbs up if you have a youtube channel! Maybe I will post a video where I will be singing, who knows...

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Throwback look

I am really sorry that I haven't been updating for a very long time, because I have been very busy with school and I have been spending more time with family and friends. But you're all a part of me, and you all deserve an update. I really love to take photos whether it is landscape or when I'm with friends. It's a nice way to collect memories, and to look back to. So here's a new throwback look from last year which I think is a very simple and relaxed look. It was sunny and I spent a lot of time outside reading magazines. I hope that you're all doing well!