Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Shoes- Primark//shorts-BikBok//top-vintage//sunglasses-vintage

This outfit was inspired by retro photography and retro fashion. Since I can remember I have always
loved to collect different photography (I have a folder filled with photography on my computer) because I get inspired and happy. I have always loved art since I can remember and it's a great passion of mine. I hope that you like the outfit and that you enjoy the summer holiday. Actually, I am very excited to post my next outfit because it's something different. So my question for my readers is: where are you from? It's really exciting to know! 

Love Diana

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I have been inspired by the fashion in the 60's, especially Hollywood Glam. But I have also been inspired by retro and vintage fashion as well. I had to watch the movie: Rebel without a cause, because it was such a long time ago since I last watched  it. I first watched it when I was still in High School Jr. and I loved it. Actually we watched a lot of movies from the 60's, which made me think that I had a really great teacher back then! Thanks for your sweet comments I appreciate them a lot. I wish I could meet you all one day! That would be really awesome. I will try to answer your questions during this week. I hope that you have a lovely summer holiday.