Saturday, May 25, 2013

Heart Shaped Box

Shoes - New Look
Blouse - persunmall
Blazer - H&M
Skirt - shelikes
Hat - H&M
It's has been raining a lot lately, which is great because I like the rain. Many people find it weird, because they prefer the sun. They always ask me why I like the rain. I always end up answering, maybe it's because I was born in autumn. But I always get inspired to write poetry and come up with new ideas for my outfits when it's raining. The best thing is to sit in a corner and read a good book while it's raining. But for some reason I like to run when it's raining. Because the feelings afterwards is just magical, and I always become happy. However, this outfit is vintage inspired and I just love this skirt from Shelikes . I like skirts like these ones, because they fit perfectly to every outfit! I hope that you like the outfit,and have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Mysterious Night Bodycon Dress:

Floral Print White Sweater:

Here are some trends I like. I really like Galaxy prints, mainly because of the colours. But also because everything with the universe is mysterious and fascinating. I think I could talk about the universe and discuss philosophical questions for hours. It's something I am really interested in.
 I also like leggings with different details, like lightning. Nature and landscape is something I find beautiful. Recently I have been into pastels. I find the colours really cute. Floral patterns are really beautiful and I really like roses. It's my favorite flowers. I have always had a huge interest in flowers. When I was little I had a big collection of them.
I hope that you like the trends! A new outfit is coming during this week.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Park



Shoes - Thrifted
Coat - H&M
Dress - Vero Moda
I really love the new thrifted shoes. I have been looking for something similar in ages, and when I found them I got to have them. I really love the ribbons. As you have probably noticed, I have been using the same bag several times. But it fit my camera, a bottle of water (I always bring with me one, because I always get thirsty) and other things. I really love this park, so I had to take some outfit photos. I am also happy that they're starting to sell stawberries, because I really love them!
I have to say that Fashioncandyfloss has a facebook page! I will try to update it with things I don't normally post on my blog. It would be highly appreciated if you like
the page!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Our last day on earth

Blazer - H&M
Sunglasses - Dior
Blouse - Thrifted
Shoes - H&M
Jeans - H&M
I have to say that my hair looks totally different when I have washed my hair. This outfit is very simple and casual, but still stylish. It's an outfit I normally end up wearing if I don't have so much time during the morning. I just end up picking jeans, a white blouse and a blazer. I took these photos during the evening, and I love the light in the photos. I hope that you like the outfit. However, do you want me to post more thrifting hauls?

Friday, May 10, 2013

Romwe 48 hours sale

48 hours sale
$4.99 for each jewelry & FREE SHIPPING
Prepare for summer holiday
Romwe is a great online store, and they have really great clothes, accessories and a lot more. I just wanted to let you know that they have a 48 hours sale, which is great for us who loves shopping. The prices are reasonable, and I think you will definitely find something that you like. However, I think you are missing my outfit posts. One outfit post will come later, so check out then!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Prom dresses

Pink One Shoulder Prom Dress
Green One Shoulder Prom Dress

Short Purple Prom Dress

I love going to prom, because then you can wear beautiful dresses and feel like a princess for a day. It's often really difficult to find the perfect dress.
But I really love the prom dresses at persunmall. There are many prom dresses in different colours, which is really great if you are looking for a specific colour. If I was going to the prom I would definitely wear a purple dress, a cream dress or a blue dress. I especially like this dress, beaded-vneck dress .