Monday, February 29, 2016

Hair wefts, extensions and hair wigs

I know a lot of people have hair which grow very slowly, but want long hair. There are also people who have thin hair, but want thick hair. I am thankful that I have naturally thick hair and that my hair grow very fast. But I know it must be very frustrating for those of you who don't have that. Fortunately, we have clip in extensions and Hair wefts which can solve this problem! 

There is an online shop called Mofain, which sells a lot of great hair products like clip in extensions, wigs and Hair wefts. The clip in extensions come in different hair colours, which is suitable for everyone. They also have ombre hair extensions with colours like purple and blue for people who want to try something different. If you one day decide that you want curls, they have curly hair extensions. But they also have straight hair extensions as well. You probably know that it's carneval soon, maybe you need a wig as a part of the dress up. They have many wigs in different colours for different occasions. Some of you might be into cosplay, so there are also different wigs for that. 

When I was younger it was only hair extensions, but now there are many other methodes. Hair wefts is one of them. I know some who have tried it and they can say without doubt that it's one of the best solution. Before it wasn't so many who have tried it, because there was not so much information about it. But since people who have tried it find it positive, it has become an increased popularity to use it. 
The shop also has Human Hair Wefts in many different colours like brown, blonde and black. 
But they also have in ombre for those of you who are interested in that. 

They have 100% human hair weave which are suitable for everyone, and the best thing is that it looks very natural to your own hair. They also come in both straight and in curls. It's great for those of you who have natural curly hair. Everyone will find something which fits personally for you. They are in a great quality and the best thing is that they are cheap. 

If you are interested you should have a look at the shop! You will definitely find something if you are looking for hair products.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Have a lovely weekend!

I hope that you are having a great weekend so far! Thank you so much for reading and leaving comments on my blog. It really means a lot to me! It's been a very long winter, and I can't wait for spring and summer. The weather has been great the past week with a lot of sun, but it's still so cold here. As you probably know I love art so much. My passion will always be fashion and styling outfits, but I also love music and making movies/videos!

I decided to make a video of some of my outfits that I love the most through the years! I posted it above. I also love making videos for songs and poems that I really love. One of my favorite singers is Lana Del Rey. She creates beautiful art, and her songs bring back to many lovely memories in my life! I made a video for a part of a poem she reads. You can watch it above.

Fashioncandyfloss has a youtube channel! I haven't uploaded so many videos, yet. So far I have uploaded things I find beautiful and a poem that I have written. 

If you have a youtube channel it would be great if you would subscribe and like my videos so we can stay connected there! 

Have a lovely weekend my lovely blog readers!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

My favorite dresses at the moment from simple-dress

I think we all love dresses, especially dresses with beautiful designs and details! In fact, I love spending a lot of time browsing through online shops for beautiful dresses. The best feeling is when you find a dress which has the design, style and the details that you want. A dress you want to wear on and on again, and will always feel like a true masterpiece for you. There are so many talented designers out there with an amazing creativity. They are so passionate in what they are doing, to be able to see the process from ideas to the finished product is amazing. 

The photos of the dresses I have posted are some of my favorite at the moment. The dresses are from an online shop, called simple-dress. They have different types of dresses for different events, like prom dresses and wedding dresses. The dresses come in different styles and colours. What I like the most about these dresses is the details and that they have a vintage touch to them!! But this shop doesn't only have dresses it also have clothings and costume. I don't know if any of you celebrate carneval, but if you do, maybe you will find a costume that you like. Some of the clothings are vintage inspired, which is perfect for me and for those of you who also like this style!!

The first dress is really beautiful! I really love these types of simple dresses. The combination between the cream colour and the details is absolutely stunning. I love that it's floor length. It's perfect for any special events. It's a dress you can wear many times and it will always be a classic. Before I didn't have so many strapless dresses until I wanted to try something new. Now I just love them, especially this mermaid strapless dress.

The second dress has an unique rhinestone details in the back of the dress and in front of the dress. These types of simple dresses make you feel like a princess for a day. It's great for any special events and I love the lace material. I have to say it's very elegant and I like that it's floor length. It's really impressive and it's a dress I would love to have in my closet. I have a thing for light colored dresses, and I love that it's in light pink. 

The third dress is very special. I like this type of simple dresses where they manage to combinate colours which are perfect together! I love the combination of dark blue and silver. It creates a mysterious touch to it and lighten up the dress. The silver part is actually sequins, which I think is creative. It's one of thedark coloured dresses that I like! 

These are the three dresses that I love at the moment. But simple-dress has many more beautiful dresses which are perfect for special events. So you should definitely have a look if you are looking for a dress or inspiration and ideas!!!

Which dress do you like the most?

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Beautiful wedding dresses from Cocomelody

I want to continue giving you tips and ideas for weddings. The series which I have started in my previous blog entry. Last time, we talked about wedding shoes, and it seems like you all liked the post. This time I am going to talk about the most important of them all, the wedding dresses. There are so many wedding dresses to choose from which have different styles and designs. It's so difficult to choose only one dress when there are so many beautiful wedding dresses out there. My tips is to plan which wedding dress you want to wear a great time ahead. Because the time goes so fast when it's close to the big day. There are other things which need planning and it takes a great amount of time because everything is supposed to be perfect. 

For me the first thing you have to think about when you are going to choose the wedding dress is what kind of style do you like. Are you a person who likes a vintage wedding dresses, simple wedding dresses or backless Wedding Dresses? The next step has to be what kind of details do you like in a wedding dress. I find it amazing that some people design their own wedding dresses when they don't find the one they are looking for. It gives a personal touch to it which I find unique. But that's because I like everything creative!! 

I decided to post a couple of beautiful wedding dresses which I think are inspiring and beautiful at the same time when it comes to style and design. These ones are from Cocomelody, which has the most wonderful wedding dresses. They are unique and interesting in my opinion. I think they would be perfect for weddings. But it's also great for people who are looking for ideas and inspiration. I often do. 

At the moment they have a collection called sexy backless wedding dresses which I personally like a lot. The dresses look stunning and beautiful. I really like the details. For me these dresses will be a great favorite for a very long time. 

Currently, the shop has a great sale when it comes to wedding dresses in many beautiful designs. It's great if you are looking for a wedding dress or trying to find inspirations and ideas. Maybe you find the wedding dress you are looking for? 

Monday, February 15, 2016

Inspiration and ideas for styling your wedding dress

The hair updos on my previous post are also perfect for weddings as well! It made me think about continuing giving ideas and inspiration for weddings. Because I know how difficult it can be to choose the perfect dress or the shoes for the big day. Everything is supposed to be perfect and beautiful! I have been helping my relatives and friends when it comes to styling wedding dresses and choosing the right items for weddings. So by this I thought it would be great to share my knowledge when it comes to styling wedding dresses. 

One of the things which is important is to choose the right wedding shoes for the right dress. This blog entry will be all about wedding shoes. When I am helping others choosing their wedding shoes I always tell them it's important that they are comfortable and that they fit your wedding dress! There are so many beautiful wedding shoes which come in so many different styles. You just want to have them all! I think helping others chose their wedding shoes is the fun part, but that's because I love shoes so much. 

I decided to add some photos of wedding shoes which I think are so beautiful and simple when it comes to style. They don't have too much details which can steal away the attention of your dress which is perfect. These are wedding shoes nz of nzdresses, which has a great selection of wedding shoes in different colours and style. This can be a great inspiration for those of you who are planning a wedding. 

Hopefully they can give you some ideas on what kind of style on the wedding shoes would go perfectly along with your wedding dress or maybe one of these shoes is what you have been looking for! For me these shoes do not only fit for weddings but can be used in other special events like proms. If you are looking for more beautiful shoes to dream away for wedding and other events I would recommend you this link:

I hope this was helpful and inspiring! 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Beautiful hairupdo

Credit: Pinterest and the owners of the photos

One of the things I love besides fashion and styling outfits is hairupdos! These ones are so beautiful and inspirational, so I thought it would be great to share them with you. Hopefully, you get inspired too! These are perfect for spring and summer. I am definitely going to try these ones out!

Have a nice weekend my lovely readers!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Have a wonderful weekend!

I haven't updated my blog lately, but it has been really hectic I can tell you. The cold weather makes me miss summer so much! I decided to post some old summer outfits that I really love! My next post will be about hairstyles that I love, so look forward to that. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!