Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me

Today, I'm 20 years old. I can't believe that time goes so fast. It feels like it was yesterday I was playing hide and seek in the forrest with friends. It feels so weird. I have to tell you something really funny, but when I was around ten I wrote a letter to myself, and I promised myself that I couldn't open it until I was twenty years old. I had forgotten about the letter and for some odd reasons when I was tidying my room earlier today I found it. It was quite long, and quite funny. In the letter I had written that when I was 20 years old I was having red hair, having a fringe and wearing 50's inspired clothing. This part suprised me because actually I am having a fringe and most of the time I am wearing vintage inspired clothing especially from the 50's, but the only thing I was mistaken was that I was going to have red hair.

I got a lot of presents and I had birthday cake. I have to thank everyone for making this day wonderful, especially to my readers who spend time writing comments on my blog. This blog wouldn't be anything without you!. I think everyone is wondering what my e-mail is, it is:
If you have any questions or just want to send me a mail. I would love to answer them! I just love receiving mails.


Sunday, November 18, 2012


I've got inspired by many things lately. Here're some of the photos I've been collecting, and which I find inspirational. I really love architecture, so when I'm in a museum I can spend a whole day just studying the beautiful architecture, but also the paintings. I also miss reading books outside when it was summer, and running through flower fields. I've been reading a lot lately, and I have a long list of books I have to read. It's just a couple of days until my birthday, which is quite exciting! More outfit posts are coming really soon, so look forward to that!

A random question: Which book are you reading at the moment?


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Favorite Business Cards Online from Zazzle

Attorney Clean - Law Office Business Card Template
I have always wanted to have business cards for my blog, and I thought it was time to make some. Just for fun, but also for sharing them to others. I have found some business cards from Zazzle which
fits perfectly for my blog. Especially number 2 and 3 because of my fashion style is very vintage/retro inspired and when you look at these ones you get a vintage feeling. The first one is really cute and  you can associate with my blog name just by looking at the picture. The last one is very simple, but sometimes simple things are just the best.
Which one do you think is suitable for my blog?

Monday, November 12, 2012

Red leaves

Loafers- Aldo//Blazer-H&M//Shorts-Cubus//Blouse-clothinglove//Boater hat- H&M


This outfit is autumn inspired. I wore this outfit indoor because it would be too cold to wear it outside. But I was often wearing outfits similar to this one at the begining of autumn, with boater hat, blouse, shorts and loafers and I would walk with my friends to the "secret" places in our city to take photos. The photo number 5 looks like one of them. We could spend the whole day just to take photos even though it was raining. Afterwards, we were having tea and editing our photos the rest of the week. This outfit also reminds me of the times when I used to wear like this by the sea(I used to live by the sea) with friends and we could walk endlessly and just talk about everything, or when we took random buses to unknown places, and laughed at ourselves because we didn't know where we were. I miss those times, it feels like yesterday, but it's actually years ago. Anyways, I hope that you are having a great week, and that you like the outfit!