Monday, August 28, 2017

Rechoo wigs

 I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend so far. I have been resting as much as I possibly can and started to write poetry and songs again. It's something I love to do and it's a great way to express your feelings. I have been a writer since I can remember. But I love to express myself through fashion and I like to dress up. I can still remember when I was in kindergarten, every time there was an event for dressing up I was always excited. I can remember I was a witch for Halloween and a clown for a caneval. I might have a different style and fashion interests. Many people find it odd, but I don't care so much about that. I can't be someone that I am not and the thought of me changing to be someone else is the moment I am not me anymore. This is the style I am comfortable in and this is the style which represents me.
But I love to try new styles now and then. It's fun to explore. I like to dress up in different characters. I like to try out wigs when I dress up for carnevals, Halloween and other events where you have to dress up. In fact I have a pink and a brown wig. I am thinking about having a photoshoot where I am going to use them. If you like to dress up as a character and need a wig for it.
 There are many great ones on an online shop called

They have a great variation of different wigs when it comes to colour and style. The most wigs that they have are synthetic wigs. The wigs look like natural hair, which is great when you are going to choose for a wig. I added photos of some of my favorite wigs. I really like the style and the colours of these ones.

One of my favorite collections which they have is synthetic lace front wigs. I like this collection because they have a lot of ombre wigs in colours that I really like. It's great with wigs when you want to try out new colours, but don't want to dye your hair. But it's also great for those who are thinking about dying their hair in a new haircolour, but not sure if it really suits them. There are many different styles to choose from, depends on what you like.

Some people like straight ones and others like the curly ones. But for those of you who like curly ones, they have a curly synthetic wigs collection. In fact wigs are not only for those who want to dress up and try new things, but it is also for people who have a disease who need a wig because of hair loss. If you are interested in any of the wigs for an event you should remember to read the reviews first. It's for the best shopping experience. If you are interested you can check out their social medias: 

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Car decoration

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far! Surpringly, it's very sunny here, which is great. I thought that the autumn weather would be taking over. Since, it's sunny here I will enjoy it as much as possible, until it's starting to rain again. Today, I am going to take a long walk and listen to my favorite music. I love spending time in the nature. It's so beautiful this time of the year. After that I think about tidying and decorating my room. I love when things are organized and look clean. I love decorating the apartment. I have become interested in interior design lately. I am planning to make it vintage and girly inspired. But apart from that I have thoughts about decorating my car. I like to have decorations around me. It inspires me for some reasons. First, I was thinking about having some cute figures in my car, and maybe scarves to tie around the seats. Maybe decorate with rhinestone details. But I was thinking that during the winter, it's very cold here.
  So it would be great to have Seasonal Seat Covers for winter. I have photos of the ones I would love to have for winter. They would keep me warm, which is great and they look very cute for the car. They are faux fur of course. I just picked these ones, because they are my favorites for the winter. But there are many more to choose from since they have a great variation with many different colours. 

But I also like the Custom Fit Seat Covers collection that they have. I think they are great and you can have them all seasons. I have added two of my favorites in this blog post. I just like the details and it would be great to have as decorations for my car. If you are interested, I have posted the links underneath the photos for you. Remember to read the reviews before buying for the best shopping experience. 

Friday, August 25, 2017

Great hairproducts from BestHairBuy to achieve long hair

I hope you are having a wonderful day so far. Here it's switching from being sunny and rainy all the time. It's getting colder and I think it has to be that it's soon autumn. I really miss the summer with beautiful weather and walking to the beach, but I think autumn will not be that bad at all. I am looking forward to the autumn fashion, and I am excited for what they have this year. So, I'm trying to grow out my bangs/fringe, but it's difficult! I have been having bangs for almost 8 years and it has become part of my life. Every time I have tried to grow them out, I want them back. So I might have a vote on my blog to see what people think.

That reminds me to write about alternatives to achieve long and thick hair. I have been having thick hair as long as I can remember and my hair grows really fast since my hair get exposed to the water when I am swimming. People usually comment about my hair and ask me how I keep it so healthy and thick. I never used to think about it until people started commenting about it. I have always wanted to have thin hair, since everyone is having it and I thought it looked better on me. But I think the reason for my thick hair is mainly because of genetics and that I don't expose my hair to products which damage my hair.

But for those of you, who have naturally thin hair which grow slowly, but want thick and long hair which look naturally. has great hairproducts to achieve that. There are many different products for you to choose depends on what you prefer. Back in the days I remember that the only thing you could choose was clip in extensions, but now there are so many more products and other ways to do it. Lately, it has been focus on Virgin Hair. It is hair that has not been dyed, bleached, permed, straightened i.e. it's hair that has not been chemically treated one way or another. I think it's great to choose it because it looks more healthy and naturally, which is what we want to achieve.

I really like the BestHairBuy virgin hair collection, because of the quality and the price. But also because there are many alternatives depends on what suits your hair. I have attached photos of some of the products that they have, which I really like. They have products from different countries, but you should choose the product which fits you the best.

I personally would have chosen virgin Malaysian hair if I had thin hair and wanted to have thick and long hair, since it would fit me the best. But I think it would be great for others with Asian origins as well. But for me I personally think Brazilians have so beautiful hair, so I would definitely have a look on virgin Brazilian hair collection that they have. If you are interested in these products, it is important to read the reviews before buying for best experience as possible. I want you to be happy with the products. If you want more information and about this, you should definitely have a look on their social medias: 

Saturday, August 19, 2017

casual day

Black jeansSammydress
Black jeans - Sammydress
Black boots - Sammydress

I hope you are having a wonderful day so far! I decided to post a new outfit today. You are probably wondering if I am only wearing dresses and skirts all the time, but actually I wear jeans a lot! I really like wearing comfortable and casual outfits especially when I am not doing anything special. I would say this outfit is perfect for autumn, but it's also perfect to wear during the summer when it's cold outside with a lot of rain. Here the weather can be very cold with a lot of rain during the summer! I really love finding slim black jeans which fits you perfectly. These two jeans fits me perfectly and are from Sammydress. I styled this outfit with these black boots which are so comfortable and I really love them. They are also from Sammydress. I decided to wear this dark blue jacket which goes really well for this outfit. I hope that the weather will be better really soon!    


Saturday, August 12, 2017

Red roses

Top with red roses - Zaful 
Golden leaves heels - Zaful
Shorts - H&M
Boater hat - H&M 

Here is the second part of the styling challenge by Zaful for their 3rd anniversary. When I got the challenge to style this top I was imminently thinking how this outfit would be like. I thought it would be great for a casual outfit at the beach. I also thought it would be great to wear it with shorts and a boater hat. I styled it with these beautiful golden leaves heels which are also from Zaful to make this outfit interesting. But you can also style it with a pair of sneakers which I think are more convenient when you are at the beach. 

I hope that you like how I styled this top and have a wonderful day!  


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Beautiful Cheap Prom Dresses

 I hope you have had a wonderful day! Autumn has already arrived here! It has been raining mostly all week and it's getting colder. But the summer this year was wonderful with many sunny days, so I am not complaining. I have to admit that I really miss it. When it's raining, it's not so very tempting to go outside. During these kinds of days I usually go online shopping when I have time for it. It's incredible to think  how technology has developed so fast and how much it's involved in our daily life.

When I was younger I used to spend my time going shopping at the nearby shops after school whenever I had time. Now, things have completely changed, when I want to go shopping I can just turn on the computer or my ipad and get access to all types of online clothing stores. I can get access to shops which I don't have in my area, which is very great. I can find clothes and shoes in my style which I can't find in the nearby shops.

Recently, I have found so many beautiful dresses while online shopping. I love to find new online shops. I came across an online shop called thecelebritydresses. 
I love the cheap prom dresses that they have. 
I like the style and details. It's great that they are celebrity inspired prom dresses. If you are looking for beautiful prom dresses, you should definitely have a look. You have to remember to read the reviews before buying for the best shopping experience, since you want your prom to be a great memory.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Stars for you

Black dress with white stars - Zaful
Golden leaves heels - Zaful
Floral headband - Ebay

I hope you have had a wonderful day! Zaful had a 3rd year anniversary and they teamed up with me for a styling challenge. I love these kind of challenges! The challenge was that I was going to style clothes which they picked out for me. One of them was this black dress with white stars. As you probably know, I don't usually wear black coloured clothes that often, so I had to think how I could style it. For me I thought this dress would be the perfect summer dress to wear for a concert if you are into dark colours. I decided to style it with a floral headband to create a summer vibe to the outfit. I love wearing floral headband during the summer. I also decided to style it with these lovely golden leaves heels which are also from Zaful. Simply, because I love the combination between black and gold together. 

I hope that you like how I styled the dress and tune in for next week if you want to know how I styled the other item from Zaful!  


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Girly Summer Fashion Wishlist!



I hope you are having a wonderful day so far! Here, we are still having sunny days and it's still warm. I decided to make another summer wishlist for you. I picked them out because I really like them and because they are totally my style, vintage and girly. Some of the pieces are perfect for the summer. All of them are from Banggood. I made this wishlist because it could be an inspiration to what you can buy for gifts to your friends and family! But there might be some pieces that you like as well. 

I hope you are having a great week and a new outfit will be posted very, so stay tuned for that!