Sunday, June 29, 2014

Rhodos part 2

This is what I woke up to every morning, palm trees and light blue colored beach. It's like walking into another world. What is so different here is that the sun rises so early and it gets dark around dinner time. I am used to the opposite. I woke up really early every day and took endless of walks with great music in my ears. I had to observe everything, the beautiful landscape, people and the incredible beach. Everything was really beautiful!

 I ended up swimming every day in an indoor swimming pool, because when I swim at the beach with saltwater for a long time it oddly enough irritates my skin. I had the swimming pool mostly alone because no one really wanted to use it since the water was too cold for them, obviously, but I am really used to the cold water. I also went shopping at the markets and in a few shops like zara, mango etc. but what I ended up buying was a pair of black converse. Greece food is so great, with lovely dishes.

When it comes to my outfit it's not so very extraordinary, just a Ralph Lauren t-shirt, shorts from H&M and sunglasses from Bikbok.   


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Rhodes part 1

These photos are the first part from my trip to Rhodes. I woke up really early that day because I was going to spend most of the day in Old town to learn more about the historical part of Rhodes. I was here in two days because it was really big, but very interesting. I really loved the beautiful trees and flowers, but also the great architecture of the buildings.

I really loved these purple flowers so I had to take photos with them. The nature is really magical in this place. I really loved walking through the market. They had a great selection of bags. After been walking in many hours I had to have lunch, and I have to say Greece food is really good, especially their Gyros.

 When it comes to my outfit I just wanted to wear something comfortable, and not too much since it was really sunny and hot on that day. So I ended up wearing a simple white top and pink shorts.

 Look forward to more photos from my trip to Rhodes the following days.


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Home from Rhodes

Yesterday, I came home from Rhodes, and I was there for a week with my family. Seven days went so fast, but it was all worth it! It was really beautiful and you can say it was like paradise on earth. I was really lucky with the weather. It was sun every day and no rain. The beach was really beautiful, and I spent a lot of time outside. The streets during the night were really lovely with great markets and restaurants. I really love Greece food so it was perfect for me. The hotel we stayed in was really nice with three swimming pool outside and one indoor swimming pools. Since I am a swimmer I spent time swimming every day. I have so many photos to share with you, and I'll be posting a lot of photos the following days from my trip to Rhodes! Now, I'm really exhausted so I'll go to sleep.


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

This week's favorite


Pulp Fiction 

One of the things which affected me when I was younger was this movie, because it was so different from other movies I had been seen. I love that it had a lot of different references to pop culture. The effects they used in the movie made the scenes seem so real. I watched this movie on a big cinema screen, and I remember specific one scene when one of the main characters was going to prepare drugs for injection. After the scene I became really dizzy and I had to sit alone for awhile before I could watch the rest of the movie. It was so real. I also became a fan of Mia Wallace because of her style. After I watched the movie I got a hairclip just like her.  


Lana Del Rey 

As you probably have noticed on my blog I really like Lana's music. The music is so different from what we hear from today's music industry. Her music brings back to great memories when I was in peace with myself. A time when I was surrounded with beautiful and inspiring people. But also a time when I found the person I wanted to become and which interests I really liked such as philosophy, psychology and poetry. It was all about living for the moment, and everyday was a great adventure. I really missed that, because when it all happened it felt like a surreal dream. When I listened to the song, Videogames I started crying because it reminded me about this beautiful period of my life and the fact that it's all gone. She's a musician who takes time for her art and creates her own ideas and personas which she wants to be. I like the fact that she writes her own songs and that she covers songs from artists who are forgotton in our generation. Many references are from literature and poetry. She's a great inspiration to me because it also encourages me to work with my art project. I have many favorite tracks such as Videogames, Born to die, Blue Jeans, Yayo, Gods and Monster, Bel air etc. I'm looking forward to her new album, Ultraviolence. 



When I was younger I was introduced to different types of music, and music became a special part of me. I grew mostly with the 60's music. My parents had a lot of vinyl, and I think the vinyl player was on all the time. During the 90's. it was more grundge music. Before I always spent time visiting CD shops with friends when it was lunch break and I saw the Nirvana's Album, Nevermind which was on the bestseller shelf, and then I knew it had to be really good. I really loved Kurt Cobain's voice. It was very unique to me, a golden voice which is hard to find these days. My favorite tracks are Heart Shaped Box and Come As You Are.


Saturday, June 7, 2014

The old days

 When I looked through the folders on my computer I found an outfit which I haven't posted before. I remember the theme for this outfit was vintage with a French twist.As you probably have noticed I really have a thing for vintage pieces and clothing. I took this photo for two years ago when I was bored and the weather wasn't so nice. But it was also a time when I had no experience with editing photos at all.  
 I always mention about the weather in every blog post, because my mood is very much affected by the weather. But the worst thing is when the weather changes from being super hot and sunny to rainy and cold, and then back again. I always become sick when it happens. But mostly, the weather has been really great, so I have enjoyed eating ice cream and reading books. In the following blog entries I will be posting more photos outside. Have a nice weekend everyone!
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Monday, June 2, 2014

Pink Lips

I have finally decided that I am going to grow out my bangs/fringe, since I have been having it for six years now, and I thought it was about time for a change. I have been trying out new eyeshadows and lipsticks, and I have to say that I love brown coloured eyeshadow. Actually, I am a person who doesn't use make-up that often. Many of my readers have noticed that I have a very light skin colour compared to most Asians. Some people thought that I had done something to my skin to make it lighter which is very popular in Asia. I had no idea what people were talking about, but when I looked closely to the mirrow I also noticed that my skin was really light. I think it's because of my French heritage.
I'm really sorry that I haven't updated so much with outfits lately, but it's because I have been very busy. The only sparetime left I often spend on relaxing, writing songs/poetry, listening to music or singing. Some of my all time favourite bands are The White Stripes and Nirvana. It was something with the golden voice to Kurt Cobain and Jack White which attract me.
Anyways, I am babbling too much. Hope you're having an amazing week!