Friday, September 5, 2014

hairstyles and haircolours


I would love to have different haircolours like pastels and red, but the thing is that I get easily bored after a week. When it comes to hairstyles I can't find one style which I can have for a long period. For instance I can't have fringe everyday and I often style my hair and put bobby pins so my fringe doesn't show. When I have long hair I want to have short hair, and after I have been to the hairdresser to get short hair. I regret seconds later. The same problem goes to dying my hair. When I have been dying my hair in a certain colour I get bored of it after a week.

But one thing which can help is wigs. I came across a website, called wigsu which sells a lot of different things like wigs and hair extensions. They have a great variation when it comes to the hairstyles and colours of the wigs. I really like the red ones, but there are also other great colours. When I look at them it makes me want to try different wigs, so I can see how I look like with different hairstyles and colours. But still keep my natural haircolour. I really like wearing wigs when I am going to a costume party and is suppose to dress up to a certain character. I think wigs are really great for those who have had a disease, for example cancer, because of the hairloss.

Q: Which haircolour do you like the most?



  1. I would soooo try the first two!

  2. its very difficult to maintain a hairstyle for me for long
    but i like those romantic hair pics
    keep in touch

  3. Hello from Spain: great proposals haircolours. keep in touch

  4. I've been obsessing so much about the idea of pink hair, or at least some pops of pink here an there.


  5. I think I like the red color style.