Saturday, July 5, 2014

summer essentials

Summer dresses

Summer hats

Floral headbands


During the summer there're so many combination of outfits to wear, and I have to say that sometimes it's difficult to choose what to wear. I ended up putting some clothes on, and the result was that I was warm and became tired during the whole day. For me summer outfits are about being simple and just wearing a few accessories to add the final touch. What is so different with summer in Norway is that it's the only season you can wear dresses during summer, since winter and autumn is too cold.

Lace dresses and dresses with floral prints are always perfect for summer. When it comes to colors for summer I love light colors like pastels and white. I like to combine my dresses with floppy hats or boater hats to protect my face from the sun. But I also like sunglasses.

Q:what are your summer essentials?


  1. I adore pastels too and the pics you showed are really nice <3

  2. Beautiful photos!


  3. Hello from Spain: Great proposals about summer. Keep in touch

  4. true, for summer few accessoris and simple clothes like dresses are the best
    i am so in love with floral and pastel dresses . for accessories floral crown and hats are the best
    happy weekend

  5. So many lovely stuff, and I love the way you wear sandals with socks:) It looks so pretty! Thank You for sharing such a nice, inspiring post!
    Wish you a blessed day ahead!

  6. Beautiful photos it really gives inspiration. The dresses are just gorgeous and the last sunnies is pretty!

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  7. Amazing photos! I love your style, its simply gorgeous! I really need to get some or even make some floral head bands, they are adorable on you ;)

  8. Very nice Inspirations

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  9. Very inspiring! And these truly are essentials :) ♥

  10. nice post, I like this :)
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  11. Inspiring! Nice outfits!

    Maria -

  12. Beautiful dresses ;)

    Liebst Minnja


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