Saturday, July 12, 2014

Rhodes part 3

Here is Rhodes part 3, and I love wearing casual and comfortable outfits when I am going for long walks. I don't know how I managed to visit so many places in one day. But my day started with waking up very early, and taking the tourist attractions tour bus. It was a double decker bus, and it was completely full. But I have to say that standing on the top was much funnier than sitting. After that I visited Old Town. I had to continue the rest of the first day (it's really big). I really loved buildings, it was like going back to the Renaissance era. I could imagine myself wearing a white lace dress with a floral crown. They had a small market where I bought a really cute vintage bag. Then I took the sightseeing bus, and it was really beautiful looking at the ocean and some of the landmarks. I finished the day with shopping, but I couldn't find anything special except from some t-shirts of different bands. Walking my way home to the hotel was really tough I was really tired.



  1. i always opt for comfort clothes when have to walk a lot
    nice top , adore your sunnies
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    happy weekend,

  2. Fabulous holiday outfit :) What a beautiful location! xoxo

  3. Nice photos.


  4. Hello from Spain: Great pics. Keep in touch

  5. Hello! :) You are beautiful photos! I'm also your new follower! ;)

  6. Woow beautiful photos! Thank you so much for sharing these :) makes me wanna go on holiday at the moment! :D
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I followed you back. Let's stay in touch?

    Hope you had a good day :)

    isa |

  7. really fantastic photos!! you look really pretty..and the outfit is really cool!!

  8. I love this look!! :)

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