Sunday, October 22, 2017


Vintage white dressZaful
Rhinestone necklace - Zaful

I decided to post another outfit for you! This outfit is vintage and whimsical inspired as usual. It's definitely perfect for summer. I really love this white vintage inspired maxi dress from Zaful. The floral details are so beautiful! I have been looking for a dress like that for so long and I was so happy and excited when I finally found one. It would be great to wear for a special event! For some reasons it reminds me so much of a vintage wedding dress from the 60s! I feel like I have been taken back in time when I am wearing this dress. It's my favorite dress this summer and I have literally been looking at it for hours and just admiring how beautiful it is. I have actually been wearing this dress a lot this summer. I decided to style it with a floral headband. It gives a more summer vibe to it. I also decided to style this dress with a rhinestone necklace from Zaful. It adds the vintage touch to this outfit. These types of necklaces were a trend during the 60s.

 Photo credit: To the owners of these photos and Lana Del Rey!
I hope that you like this outfit and have wonderful week!  


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