Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Hairproducts from Tedhair

I hope you are having a wonderful day! Today, it has been raining. It hasn't been raining for a very long time. It's soon Halloween! I saw that they were selling pumpkins at my nearby shop. I usually visit a botanic garden during this time of the year to see if the pumpkins have grown up. There were many pumpkins there, but this year they were quite small. Last year they were bigger. I usually make pumpkin soup this time of the year. It's very simple and healthy. I will show you how to make it if you are interested. I am currently learning how to make more Autumn dishes. But I have always loved Mexican and Italian dishes. So yesterday I wrote about a hair beauty post and I decided that I could write one more today. I personally have never used a lot of hair products like hairspray etc. because I personally think less is more. 

I usually blow dry my hair with cold air so I don't damage my hair. I hope I will be brave enough to show you in a video how I grow my hair longer, how I maintain my hair and which hair products I use. Currently, I am trying to grow out my fringe/bangs. It's the hardest decision! I have been having it since I was 16 years old and now I thought it was time to see how I look without it. I recently looked through some old photos of me when I had the layer hairstyle during summer because it's so warm to have thick hair. But most people want to have long and thick hair these days. I introduced yesterday a shop which sells hair extensions, but there is another shop which I have heard also sell hair extensions. It's called Tedhair Wholesale Hair

They also have a big selection of hair products to achieve the long and thick hair in an instant. I posted some of the products which they have for you to see. I personally like them, and they also have in different haircolours as you can see. They also have curls extensions for you who decide to have curls. But these are just some of the products that they have, they also have products like. Sell hair extensions and dropship hair extensions. Remember to read the reviews before you buy the products for best shopping experience!

Here are their social medias: 

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