Sunday, July 17, 2016


I hope you have had a wonderful summer so far! The weather here has been changing so much lately. It has been rain and thunder every day for two weeks. During those days I usually go online shopping, waiting for the sun to arrive. I love discovering new online shops which have great vintage and whimsical pieces! I came across FashionMia. It's a shop which has a great collection of cheap dresses for women. I really like the cheap women dresses that they have. They are so adorable and cute! 

I looked through their dresses and I really like their collection of bodycon dresses. These stylish dresses, have a great vintage touch to them, and have a 60's vibe to them. Totally my style. I added some of my favorites in this post. I really like the pink dress with the bow, it's so elegant and very cute. I also like the navy dress with the bow as well. It's so vintage inspired and cute. They also have a lot of great cheap white dresses.

The white lace dress is so simple, elegant and beautiful.I hear that the 90's is back in fashion again, which is great since I love the 90's. I have seen that they are selling clothing with a lot of lace materials. It's positive for me since I have always loved wearing lace dresses. I don't care if they're in fashion or not, because I wear clothes that I like

I have noticed that my style has evolved slightly.My style is still vintage and whimsical inspired, but now I like to wear things which are simple,comfortable and elegant. Now I like wearing vintage inspired bodycon dresses, which I never used to wear for a couple of years ago. It's interesting that our style evolves so naturally even though we don't notice it.

If you are looking for cheap dresses online, which are vintage inspired and adorable in style. You should definitely have a look at the shop,


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