Saturday, January 23, 2016


I usually write about fashion and post outfits, but also about other things which interest me. Sometimes I write about topics which interest me, for instance my interest and fascination of the universe. I am very interested in philosophy and I spend a lot of time reflecting. Why we are all here and what is the meaning of life. Before I sleep I have so many thoughts and one of the things which came to my mind was how interesting and unexpected life is. You don't know what is going to happen in the future, everything is still a mystery. It feels like walking but not knowing what is ahead of you. What is interesting is that everyone's life is different. We have different stories to tell with some good and bad memories. Sometimes we want to go back in the past, how things used to be. But things change all the time, and we have to realize that some things will never stay the same. Even though we wish to. The past is the past and the sad truth is that we never can go back, but that's why we have the good memories which keep living forever.       


  1. of course everyone's different and thats what makes life so interesting! we can also learn from the past too :)

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  3. In the future, we do not always have an impact on the past, an experience that taught us something. Regards.

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