Saturday, January 2, 2016

Bedroom decorations

As you probably know already I love decorating my apartment especially my bedroom.
My bedroom is very vintage inspired. I wanted to turn my bedroom into a wonderland, a place where you can escape and get inspired. Whenever I step into my bedroom it almost feels like I am in a different world. This is a place where I find inspiration for writing and creating new outfits. My inspiration for decorating my bedroom is the different seasons. When it's summer I like to decorate my bedroom with butterfly wall decor and different flower decorations. Right now I have decorated my bedroom with different Christmas decoration. Right now, I am planning on how I am going to decorate my bedroom for the upcoming spring season.

I know it might be early, but I am always planning ahead of time. I have been looking for blankets to have in my bedroom and I just love the print and style of the blankets from Bedding Inn. When I looked at them for the first time I thought they were beautiful and interesting. I just picked the photos of the blankets that I liked the most and had a vintage style that I like. But there are a lot of other prints to choose from for instance Tribal Print Blanket. If you are a person like me who loves animals, there are among other things Leopard Print Blanket and tiger blanket. If you are interested and currently decorating your bedroom you should have a look!


  1. I love the teal and the last pictures absolutely in love with them xo!

  2. Love this post!
    Thank you for sharing, hope you are okay

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