Tuesday, April 15, 2014


In this entry I am going to represent a new side of Fashioncandyfloss. As you probably know I have only been showing you one artistic side of me, but I love exploring different branches of art. That's how I fell in love with poetry and writing. The love for it grew through the years. I love it so much, because I could write about bittersweet memories which I longed for or I could write a story based on something which inspire me. My motivation for writing poetry was when my teacher read a haiku poem which I wrote to the class.

Many readers have waited for some of my works in poetry and writing. Here's what I have been writing recently. It's still in process:

Flowers in my hair
The smell of summer
Freedom in the air
The ocean waves
and we were swinging like a valse through the streets of Paris
Those heavenly eyes, the electric touch, the sweet sensation 
Concidence or design 
I'm in heaven

Hope is a waking dream
There's no time like the present
I could fight for you, I could die for you, I could wait in hundred years
You were like the moon on the night sky, and I was the sun in paradise
Even though you were on the other side
They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder
You were holding me like your little child 
My precious gift, my everything
Good things come to those who wait
We were like two butterflies in a flirtatous dance
In the floral fields of heaven
Te amo

The kingdom is falling and I'm on fire
The blues, the heartbeats, the tears of a broken heart
They say two wrongs don't make a right
Oh baby. where are those youthful days? 
They passed away, we went so far away
It all happened so fast and it all ended so quickly
Like a summer night dream
adiós mi amor

written by Diana N. 

What do you think? Great to hear your opinion.


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  2. those first lines are so dreamy, made me smile :)

  3. To write poetry is a skill I envy...this is so beautiful <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. I tried to do some creative writing on my blog a while back when I was in the process of re-inventing my blogger self, but I never really stuck with it. It would be great to read some of your poetry!

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  7. nice poetry
    love the sentence "hope is a waking dream"

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  8. absolutely amazing! U have a gift ^^
    Please write more and share again xx

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  10. Lovely poems and great blog!
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