Friday, April 11, 2014

Company awards

I hope that you're all doing well! I have to thank you so much for the comments on my previous blog entry. Your comments and support mean a lot to me. As you probably have noticed the Company style blogger awards 2014 is finally here. It would mean a lot to me if you would nominate me in the category best personal style blog.

I have to say that when I'm not blogging I always update on my twitter, so follow me there if you haven't already.

I have actually been reading a lot of books lately. It's actually where I get most of my inspirations for my outfits. Before I used to borrow books from the library, but now I'm actually reading everything on my ipad. But if I have read a really good book which I truely admire when it comes to language and storyline then I have to buy the book. I have actually three shelves which are my "inspiration" shelves. I put all things which I find inspiring and beautiful. But also books which I truely love. Many of my readers have commented on my floral crown collection, so I will try to post entries where I show all of my floral crowns.

The easter holiday is around the corner. Are you going to do something special during easter?



  1. I love reading books too!
    Come and join my giveaway!

  2. Count my vote as +1! I hope you win!!

  3. Congrats on the Award!!
    I, too, love Books... isn't it beautiful to read & become immersed in an alien World?

    Follow the royal Peach!

  4. Hey dear when you nominated your self for this blogger award what did you answer under How many unique users do you have? Do they mean how many unique visitors? And about the page view, is that on monthly bases or of all time?
    It will be really helpful if you answer this.
    I nominated you but I also want to nominate my blog, so I'll really appreciate your help.(and nominate back if you please)

  5. I have been going through your blog and just wanted to say that I really like it!

  6. Hey, thank you for follow me : ) I follow you too, kisses :)