Friday, May 18, 2018

Summer memories


I hope that you are having a wonderful day so far and that you are ready for the weekend! Here, the weather has been amazing. It’s literally summer weather in May. Summer came early this year, which is great. Here, the nature is so beautiful now. All the trees have green leaves now. I have to say that the flowers of the cherry blossom trees and apple trees are so stunning. The spring flowers have already blossomed, and the rest of the flowers have started to blossom as well. The birds have come back, and I can hear them twittering when I wake up. Some of them have built nests by a pond I usually visit. Recently, I have seen a duck with five ducklings. 

I should bring my camera more often with me when I am outside, so I can capture beautiful moments in the nature. I really love photography in general. Before I used to bring with me my camera all the time, in case there was something beautiful I had seen. It’s a great way to create beautiful memories, which you can look back. I looked through some of my photographs and outfits through the years. It made me slightly nostalgic. When I look through these photographs I realize how much have changed and with so many surprises. My style has remained the same. It has always been whimsical and vintage inspired. The only difference is that before I was more into dark colours, like navy and brown. But now I am more into pastel colours. 

This time I decided to post a throwback look. I really love these photos, one of my favourite photo series of all times. The landscape is so beautiful, and I like the outfit I was wearing. A friend of mine took these beautiful photos. I remember we had planned out the outfits and the locations for days. We had to wake up very early so we could have time to visit all the locations. It took us a whole day to take all the photos. The photos in this blog post are just some of them. It was a beautiful day with a lot of sun. I hope I can have a photoshoot like that in the future, that would be a lot of fun.
I have spent a lot of time outside this spring. I just love to explore new places where I haven’t been before. Recently, I found a small farm. It’s perfect for me since I love animals. 

Anyways, I see that you like the thrift finds posts, so I will continue with that. There will be more outfit posts coming soon.