Thursday, December 29, 2016

Winter Castle

Black High Knee boots - Rosegal
Pink pom pom earrings - Rosegal
White watch - Rosegal

I hope everyone had a great Christmas with friends and family! I definitely had. There are not so many days until the New Year's Eve. I can't believe it's soon 2017. This year went so fast. I decided to end 2016 with an outfit post. This outfit is both vintage and whimsical inspired. 

This winter I have seen a lot of high knee boots in winter lookbooks! I really liked them and thought they would be great for winter when it's a little bit colder. I found the perfect pair of 
black high knee boots from Rosegal. 

They are so comfortable and keeps me warm during the winter season. But they makes the outfit look elegant and stylish at the same time! I love to wear them with dresses. I have also seen that pom pom details are back! I really love my pink pom pom earrings from Rosegal. 

They are very cute and I thought they would go perfectly with this outfit! I also love this white watch from Rosegal. It goes perfectly with this dress. I hope that you like this outfit, and I will see you in 2017!     



  1. I so love the details at the bottom of your dress!


  2. I really love your Outfit.You look so gorgeous.

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