Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Longest Ride

A couple of days ago I watched a movie called The Longest Ride. This movie has a really beautiful story and I can't believe I haven't watched this movie until now! This movie is a movie adaption of the book by the same name which is written by Nicholas Sparks. He is a great author and I have read his books many times. The movie made me shed some tears. I recommend you to watch this movie if you haven't watched it before. I definitely love Ruth and Ira's story. It was a beautiful love story.

Have you watched the movie The Longest Ride before?  



  1. Looks like an interesting movie. And i think its one of the early movies, since im so into old movies, ill have to watch this!

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  3. Hello from Spain: great movie. Fabulous. Keep in touch

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  5. Lovely post, have a beautiful week! kisses

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