Sunday, August 16, 2015

How to get thicker hair

Many readers have asked me how I get thick, long and healthy looking hair, so I thought it would be great to write an article about it. I am not an expert, but this is what I do with my hair, which might help.

1. I know this might be painful, but you have to trim your hair often to make your hair grow faster. If you see on the tip of your hair and there are a lot of splits, that means it's time to trim your hair. If you do that the hair grows really fast. You don't need to trim so much of your hair.

2. It's important to find a shampoo which fits for your hairtype. It took me ages to find one which fit perfectly for me. I always read the information on the shampoo bottle on which hairtype it fits for. Before I only picked a random shampoo bottle, but never read the information. I never understood why I got fat hair and it felt uncomfortable for so long. I read the information on the bottle and it stood: for nordic thin hair. But I have also asked a hairdresser. They can a lot! I had a long discussion with my hairdresser about my hair, and she gave me a shampoo which I could try. It was so wonderful. I have used it ever since.

3. Less is more, I like to use less products on my hair. It damages my hair. I know many people like to dye their hair, but unfortunately it damages your hair. I knew someone who had dark hair and bleached it to blonde. The hair had fallen off. But if you like to dye your hair, remember to maintain it properly. I rarely use hairspray unless I have to, for example pulling my fringe aside (You have probably seen me switch from having fringe and not fringe) or when I curl my hair.

4. When you are going to curl your hair, remember to use heat protecting.

5. You can do circular motions on the roots of your hair to stimulate blood circulation. It might help your hair to grow.

6. I don't do this, but you can take supplements, some vitamins help to strengthen your hair.

7. Wash your hair with cold water, not with warm water. It makes a difference to me. 

8.  After I have shower my hair. I like to put on conditioner from the middle to the bottom of my hair and make it stay there a couple of minutes. You can for instance Wash your body in the meantime or go to the sauna. After a couple of minutes wash it out with cold water. The hair will feel soft instantly. Don't put conditioner on the roots of your hair. It gives fat hair, and it's so uncomfortable. I have done this mistake many times.

9. Sometimes in photos my hair looks thicker than it usually is and my readers ask me how I do it. I do it when I want to have extra volume to my hair and it makes my hair look thicker than it is. All you need to do after you shower your hair is to hairdry your hair combining warm and cold air.
Bent your head slightly down and pull your hair to the front. First hairdry your hair from the bottom to the top with warm air, not too long because it will damage your hair (make sure every places get the warm air). Afterwards you pull your hair behind and hairdry your hair with warm air a couple of seconds. Lift your hair, so every place get the warm air. Your hair will feel warm and you will see your hair has become thicker, Afterwards hairdry it with cold air. It will create volume and it looks thick istantly! My hair stays like this for hours, but if you want spray a minimal of hairspray to make it stay long. 

10. Try to stress less and sleep enough. I know it's very difficult when you are a student. I lost so much hair during my exam period, because of stress and too little sleep! 

I hope these advices will help you. As you probably see I don't use so many products, and I definitely think less is more. If you try some of them let me know the results in the comment section bellow!!



  1. thanks for post :)
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  2. Lovely post, have a beautiful week dear!

  3. Helpful post for haircare . Loved it

  4. I'm going my hair out some so I will definitely apply some of these tips!