Monday, January 13, 2014

Steps for flawless skin

Do you remember I asked you about if you wanted to have a post about how to get flawless skin? I didn't expect that so many of you were positive about it. To be honest I think a little part of it is because of genetics, but a big part is something we can do. So based on experiences and knowledge I have listed up some steps which you can follow.

1. Wash your face with cold water in the morning. It makes you feel fresh and more awake, and you're ready to start a new day.

2. The most important is to drink enough water during the day. 

3. I have a skin type which reacts easily to unhealthy food like chocolate and chips. So I try to prevent eating unhealthy, and instead I eat at least two fruits a day, for example apples and grapes.

4. Different people have different skin types. There're skin products for thin skin type, thick skin type or skin type which is between these two. It's important to use products which fits for your skin type. I have a thin skin type, and I usually use there products since I was very little, and it has given me great results since then. So I have kept using it. There're no perfume and other things which can be allergens. Because the body reacts to types of things like allergens and can give skin outbreaks. But the most important is to try different products and see what fits you.

5. Before you go to sleep remove all the make up. It's really important to let the skin breathe, because sometimes the skin can react to make up as well. Then wash your face with water which is not too cold or too hot. After that dry your face and put on a face cream.

6. When you have got skin outbreaks don't touch these areas, even though it's irritating. Because then there will be more bacterias and it might get worse, and don't touch other areas which don't have outbreaks because then new ones will occur! When you have skin outbreaks don't wear too much make up, because it might irritate, but use a little bit make up to cover these areas. When it gets better you can go back to the normal routine whether it's a lot of make up or not.

I hope that these steps can be helpful, and write a comment if this works!



  1. You're skin is flawless:) and great advice:)

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    Thanks for the nice tips!

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  3. Great tips. Thanks!


  4. Lovely necklace!

  5. Very useful post, I need to drunk more water
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  6. Thanks for the tips!!!

  7. Wonderful tips to know! Thank you for sharing these!


  8. Excellent tips - your skin is flawless! My skin's really reactive to chocolate etc too; just one piece and I seem to break out :(

    Malvika - Dreaming in Luxe

  9. These are great tips, and you have beautiful skin :) xx

  10. You are really pretty! I love your blog ❤

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  11. i like reading this kind of post because i somehow need someone to remind me this because i think all of us know this, we just need some motivation, thank you for posting this :)

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  13. This is great! I totally agree with you--water is essential for clearing up skin as it detoxes the body! Something that always helps my skin is getting more sleep, unfortunately, with the life of a student that's hard to come by haha.
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  14. Great post! I always wash my face with cold water in the morning because it does really help me wake up more! thanks for following. Followed back :) xx

  15. Your skin looks so flawless. I agree with all you said in this post. I should actually drink more water ! Kisses

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  16. Nice tips! Even though we know all of this, its stillvery difficult to follow everyday :( Ahaa I've followed on GFC and Bloglovin! Follow back!
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