Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas time

Coat - Vintage
Scarf - Ebay
Pants - Bikbok
Shoes - Din Sko

It's a long time ago since I had a proper outfit post. The weather is getting colder, and since it was going to rain during the day I had to take outfit photos when it was still snow. It's always snow on Christmas day which gives the extra Christmas spirit, but this year it's not going to be snow at all. I love listening to Christmas songs, and I have many favourites, but Last Christmas by Wham always cheers me up during Christmas time. I love Christmas movies like The Grinch and Three Wishes For Cinderella. Christmas is definitely the best time of the year!   
Anyways, I hope that you like the vintage inspired outfit. I really love dark blue and brown coats  As you probably know I really love science, philosophy as much as art. But I am more a philosopher, and my interest started when I was just a child. I always asked philosophical questions and wondering about why we live here. It's an interesting thing. I started reading about the greatest philosophers like Platon etc. But I came across an interesting discussion about a philosophical question, Oscar Wilde has discussed it in one his essays and Lana Del Rey has mentioned it in one of her songs called Gods and Monsters. So here it goes: 
Does art imitates life or does life imitates art?   



  1. I think both, there's a circle of life and art. You look super pretty!

  2. Lovely look. Really like your coat. I also think that they both coexist. :)
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  3. Lovely post and outfit!


  4. muy guapa, el abrigo genial
    un saludo y un besazo de MNhäuser
    Mañana no te pierdas los magníficos descuentos sólo en

  5. Lovely outfit!


  6. These questions are hard to answer :D I think art imitates life, because we as human beings make it, and use our own life experiences and emotions to create it.
    BTw, I looove that bag ^_^

  7. love your outfit!
    that question has really intrigued me
    i might search up the oscar wilde essay :D

  8. Lovely coat!

  9. Great look!

  10. Great vintage inspired look! :) Love the cozy appearance of this oversize coat.

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  11. you look cute sweetie :)
    would you mind to follow each other? :)

    Kisses from Hong Kong :*

  12. you look great!

  13. I think both.. we create art out of life experiences, emotions and situations, and at the same time, art inspires us in our daily life activities, clothes we wear, stories we write, gifts, etc... life without art would be terrible. And art without life wouldn't be considered art either, dont you think?
    Good topic to comment on, and great look.
    Happy holidays!

  14. Your outfits have such an different and amazing feel to them.. Just loved your coat..
    I am glad you took photoes with snow, make pics even better
    Have a nice day
    Keep in touch,

  15. Gorgeous! That coat, scarf and bag go together perfectly.

  16. You look gorgeous, I love your little bag! That IS an interesting question, very hard to answer! xxx

  17. i love this outfit, that coat is just darling! and that is such a philosophical question, so hard to answer and will make one's brain ache. but maybe it's both:-) x

  18. Love the coat, it's great that's vintage, looks amazing.
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  19. Have a Merry Christmas, Babe!

    New Post up on my blog!


  20. The coat is wonderful and fits great with the scarf :)
    Today new post, Denim, tul and biker
    Merry Christmas from Spain, Kela