Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pre- Raphaelite

As you probably know I really love paitings, and for some reasons the paintings from the Pre-Raphaelite period have always been appealing to me visually. I really love the floral details. I have always had a thing for flowers, for me they're definitely one of the most beautilful things on earth. The dresses are really impressive, and I really love the hair colour.

Anyways, I'm really sorry for my sudden disappearance I have been stuck with exams, but next weekend I am finished with most of them so then I will update this blog regularly. I have been thinking about this blog and my blog readers all the time, and since you always leave such beautiful comments I always think that you deserve an update. I have been into korean series, and Winter Sonata is an old series, but it's really good. It definitely has a great message, and the classical music is so beautiful.

Do you like korean and japanese fashion or movies/series?



  1. good luck for the exams :) I like Pre-Raphaelite period...Amazing colours

  2. Hello from Spain: luck with your exams. Nice artwork. Keep in touch

  3. Inspiring, to say the least. I do enjoy Asian fashion, culture and cinema in general :) x

  4. Good luck with exams! Beautiful post!


  5. Enjoy seeing the paintings , they are so pretty♡
    I really love Japanese fashion movie ~ Paradise Kiss !