Thursday, June 20, 2013

Inspiration: The universe

Since I can remember I have always been interested in the universe. It's an inspiration to me and it consists of beautiful colours. The thing which makes the universe so interesting is that it's still a mystery. There're so many unanswered questions. I have always been a dreamer and when I was little I looked forward to when it was dark outside so I could look outside my bedroom window and look at the stars. I remember I was really fascinated that I ended up borrowing a book from the library about stars and planets. The best thing was when I saw orion on the nightsky. It was so clear that night. I couldn't believe I had seen it and I was constantly thinking about it. During this time I developed a great interest in science and philosophy. I was fascinated by technology, and that it could make it possible to understand more about the universe. I often discussed philosophical questions with my friends, and it's really exciting to know that we're still finding new things about the universe every day.  

The universe has always been a mystery to everyone, and it's inspiring us every day. In fashion we're seen prints of the universe in clothes like tights, dresses and t-shirts. But the universe has also been a music influence in many years. I'm still wondering what we're going to find about the universe in the future.

Are you inspired by the universe?




  1. Oooooh those delicious colors! :) I love the one that says "I'm a dreamer."


  2. beautiful photos, love the galaxy!!


  3. I love the Universe and looking up at night time. I also love that you can see Jupiter at night looking just like another star.


  4. these are such beautiful photos!!! ah, i love them.

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  5. Sometimes I get crazy when I think about the universe. There are so many things that we don't now. Love the pictures :)

  6. Beautiful pictures. The universe is so amazing! ♥
    That's why I'm doing an A Level in Physics. :)


  7. Great post! Beautiful pictures!!)
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  8. i love galaxy what u post..
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  9. beautiful pictures, and so inspiring!

  10. Brilliant post my lovely, the Universe has always been a captivating subject to me + I really love science! ^^ Adore your picture selection by the way! So beautiful! <333

    Thank you so much for your comment from earlier today, really appreciate it! <33 Followed your wonderful blog via GFC and Bloglovin!

    Liana x
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  11. Photos are really amazing!
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  12. I have such an obsession with the universe, stars and other planets. I can sit and watch documentaries on it all for hours!

    Corinne x

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  14. Wow!! Amazing shots!! All of them!! I don't know how anyone could NOT be inspired by the universe!! It's so vast and complex, not to mention beautiful!! Great post!! ♥

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    XOXO ♥ Kia

  15. I love the outer space images, wether they're universe pictures or digitally drawn by Artists... :)
    Love the Jupiter's Moons one above most!

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  16. Beautiful I love the universe very mystical and great for different projects all the different colours are so pretty :) xx | Macadamia Oil Control Spray Giveaway ♥

  17. Gorgeous inspiration.. I wish I could see the stars right now.

    Indie by heart
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  18. stunning photos, they're really a great inspiration indeed!

  19. Really gorgeous and always something new too

  20. Oii flor... Adorei seu blog, muito lindo!!! Já estou seguindo... Vem me fazer uma visita também :) beijos querida, e parabéns pelo trabalho!!

  21. Hi, I have to admit I'm not the type of person who looks out of the window every night to have a look at the beautiful nightsky. But if I do so, I really enjoy it and it's really beautiful! And sometimes when I'm not feeling well, this beautiful view makes me feel relaxed (and calms me down).
    I'm very interested in philosophical questions such as: "Hollow Earth" I used to think A LOT about it when I was still going to school but now as I have too many other tasks to handle I try to focus on these things. Philosophical questions are very interesting to me but sometimes they make me feel sad . . . so I often try to suppress them.
    ...but still I am very interested in it.

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    Kelly ♥