Thursday, June 14, 2018

Beautilful dresses for summer!

I hope that you have had a great week so far! Today, it's very windy and it's going to be rain later. There will be a storm later as well. But tomorrow the summer weather will be back. The weather has been changing a lot these past weeks. It looks like the summer weather will continue here and the rest of the world has summer weather already I think it would be great to write another summer fashion related post. As you probably know I have a huge passion for fashion. I love to have a look on my favorite stores, just to see what they have for the different seasons. One of my favorite online stores is FashionMia. I just love the elegant and vintage style that they have. 
They have many beautiful dresses for women. I just love that they have a great and varied collection of dresses in different colours and styles. I also like that you can find all kinds of dresses for different occasions, for instance a party or just for everyday wear. 

I picked out these dresses which you can see in the blog post, because I just love the vintage style of these dresses and they are perfect for the summer season. I picked out the first dress because it's has a vintage vibe to it, but looks very elegant. I love elegant and simple dresses. I like the second dress because of the pastel pink colour and the beautiful floral details. It's definitely perfect for summer. The third is just beautiful! I like the details of this dress and it's very whimsical and vintage inspired. I love the fourth dress with the beautiful floral details. I think maxi dresses are perfect for the summer season. They have also many great stylish shift dresses. I really like the style of these types of dresses. I added two of them, which are the fifth and the sixth dress. I like the pink colour of these dresses and that they are simple and elegant. 

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