Monday, May 21, 2018

Pastel and Ombre hair wigs

 Credit Everydaywigs and the owners of the photos

I hope that you have had a wonderful weekend, and that you are ready for a new week. Here, the weather has been wonderful with a lot of sun, the best May for years. But our winter was in fact very long and cold, so it was great that we had a warm and sunny spring. But there was a period it was snowing then raining and then sunny during a day. Anyways, I have been looking through different hairstyles on pinterest. It made me miss having a fringe/bangs again, so it’s back! I wanted to try without it for a while, but I realized that it has become a big part of me. But while I was looking through hairstyles on pinterest and other places I happened to come across an online shop called everydaywigs. They have a varied collection of wigs in different styles and colours. 

There are so many different hairstyles I want to try, but I don’t know if they all will fit me. So, for me it would be perfect to try out a wig first to see if it would look great. But, it would also be great for others who are thinking about the same. I have always wanted to try out a completely new hairstyle with a pastel haircolour or ombre haircolour. But I have never dared to, because I have always thought it would never fit me. But I am planning on trying out ombre lace front wigs first to see how it will look first. 

I added some wigs from the ombre lace front wigs collection from everydaywigs I really like on this blog post. I really love the pastel haircolours on these ones. They also have a great collection of blondelace front wigs for those of you who want to try out a blonde haircolour. Remember to read the reviews before buying the wigs, for the best shopping experience.

A new blog post will be coming soon, so look forward to that!

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