Thursday, March 15, 2018

Beautiful dresses for spring!

I hope that everyone is having a great day today! I can’t believe it’s already march, and that means it’s officially spring. I can’t wait for more sunny days, warmer weather and the flowers to blossom. Here we got a lot of snow even though it’s spring. It has been one of the coldest winters in the past couple of years. But the days are getting lighter for each day, so I know spring weather is around the corner. But for many of you the spring weather has already arrived. So, while I am waiting for the spring weather to come I have been looking through the latest spring fashion. Every year, I always look forward to the fashion for every season, for instance what trends are new or which trends are coming back. I have been so busy lately, so for me online shopping is perfect when I have the time. Before I started blogging I used to go to the shops in the city when I had time. Back then there were not so many online shops like now, so it has changed a lot these past couple of years! One of my favorite online shops now is BerryLook. I really like that they have a varied selection of beautiful spring clothes which is totally my style. 

I love the dresses that they have for spring, especially the Women’s Maxi Dresses collection. I love the details and the patterns, but it’s also great that the dresses come in different colours. There are so many dresses which are girly and vintage inspired, which is perfect for me and others who also like that style! I love the light coloured ones, and I think they will be perfect for the spring season. I added some photos of the dresses, which are my favorites from the collection. 

I also like the Cheap Skater Dresses collection that they have. I love to wear these types of dresses during the spring and summer season. Many of the dresses have floral pattern which I really like. It reminds me so much of spring. I have added some of my favorite dresses from that collection.              


  1. Great dresses! Love the first one!

  2. Love the third dress!


  3. stunning xx 😘😘😘