Thursday, January 4, 2018

Beautiful prom dresses!

I hope you are having a wonderful day so far! The snow is still here and it's very cold. It's getting dark here very fast, here it gets dark around 3 pm which is very early. The days go so fast, it's already soon weekend. Tomorrow, I was thinking about posting a throwback post of all the outfits I have posted in 2017. I thought it would be interesting and a great way to end 2017. I have been visiting more online shops to see what kind of dresses they have at the moment. One of the shops I visited was Millybridal UK, and I found so many beautiful prom dresses there. I posted some of my favorite prom dresses in this blog post. I really love the pastel coloured dresses that they have. I picked out these dresses because I love the colour, the style and the details. But they have many other beautiful dresses for those of you who like other colours.
I really like the Red Prom Dresses that they have with different styles and with beautiful details. I usually wear light coloured dresses, but when I want to try something different I wear dark colours. Before I used to wear only dark coloured clothes, I had a completely different style than I have today. 

I had a very casual style and wore only grey, white and black, who would have thought that. It's fun to see how much my style has developed. But for those of you who like wearing black. They also have many beautiful Black Prom Dresses.    


  1. Great choices! Love the first one!

  2. Love the pink dress!