Saturday, November 18, 2017

Black Friday and cute beddings!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far! I thought the snow would last for a long time, but unfortunately it was raining. I wish it could have stayed longer so I could show you how beautiful it was outside this time of the year. It's actually very cold outside, fortunately I have been tidying my closet for the winter season. I have already started with the Christmas gifts! It's not so long until Christmas when you think about it. I think it's great to start early with the Christmas gifts, the time goes so fast. It's not so long until Black Friday! A great opportunity to find great gifts for Christmas. Here there are always long queues with people outside the shops before they open on Black Friday. When they open people storm in and the shops get really packed, and if you are lucky you will get the things that you like. Because of that I prefer to shop online. At the moment many of my favorite online shops are currently having Black Friday Deals, which is very great!

I always find so many great things for myself and things I can give as gifts. I am currently decorating my bedroom for Christmas! I will show you some photos very soon! Apart from fashion, I also love interior design. I like to find great pieces and decor for my bedroom. My bedroom is very vintage inspired! I was looking for new beddings and I found The Smurfs Bedding! It really brings back great childhood memories. I used to watch it all the time! I think the beddings are really cute and I think I will get one for myself. When you are shopping online it's important to read the reviews for the best shopping experiences. I am currently planning on what I am going to post for the Christmas season! I feel slightly better now, so that's great! 

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!