Monday, August 28, 2017

Rechoo wigs

 I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend so far. I have been resting as much as I possibly can and started to write poetry and songs again. It's something I love to do and it's a great way to express your feelings. I have been a writer since I can remember. But I love to express myself through fashion and I like to dress up. I can still remember when I was in kindergarten, every time there was an event for dressing up I was always excited. I can remember I was a witch for Halloween and a clown for a caneval. I might have a different style and fashion interests. Many people find it odd, but I don't care so much about that. I can't be someone that I am not and the thought of me changing to be someone else is the moment I am not me anymore. This is the style I am comfortable in and this is the style which represents me.
But I love to try new styles now and then. It's fun to explore. I like to dress up in different characters. I like to try out wigs when I dress up for carnevals, Halloween and other events where you have to dress up. In fact I have a pink and a brown wig. I am thinking about having a photoshoot where I am going to use them. If you like to dress up as a character and need a wig for it.
 There are many great ones on an online shop called

They have a great variation of different wigs when it comes to colour and style. The most wigs that they have are synthetic wigs. The wigs look like natural hair, which is great when you are going to choose for a wig. I added photos of some of my favorite wigs. I really like the style and the colours of these ones.

One of my favorite collections which they have is synthetic lace front wigs. I like this collection because they have a lot of ombre wigs in colours that I really like. It's great with wigs when you want to try out new colours, but don't want to dye your hair. But it's also great for those who are thinking about dying their hair in a new haircolour, but not sure if it really suits them. There are many different styles to choose from, depends on what you like.

Some people like straight ones and others like the curly ones. But for those of you who like curly ones, they have a curly synthetic wigs collection. In fact wigs are not only for those who want to dress up and try new things, but it is also for people who have a disease who need a wig because of hair loss. If you are interested in any of the wigs for an event you should remember to read the reviews first. It's for the best shopping experience. If you are interested you can check out their social medias: 

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