Saturday, August 26, 2017

Car decoration

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far! Surpringly, it's very sunny here, which is great. I thought that the autumn weather would be taking over. Since, it's sunny here I will enjoy it as much as possible, until it's starting to rain again. Today, I am going to take a long walk and listen to my favorite music. I love spending time in the nature. It's so beautiful this time of the year. After that I think about tidying and decorating my room. I love when things are organized and look clean. I love decorating the apartment. I have become interested in interior design lately. I am planning to make it vintage and girly inspired. But apart from that I have thoughts about decorating my car. I like to have decorations around me. It inspires me for some reasons. First, I was thinking about having some cute figures in my car, and maybe scarves to tie around the seats. Maybe decorate with rhinestone details. But I was thinking that during the winter, it's very cold here.
  So it would be great to have Seasonal Seat Covers for winter. I have photos of the ones I would love to have for winter. They would keep me warm, which is great and they look very cute for the car. They are faux fur of course. I just picked these ones, because they are my favorites for the winter. But there are many more to choose from since they have a great variation with many different colours. 

But I also like the Custom Fit Seat Covers collection that they have. I think they are great and you can have them all seasons. I have added two of my favorites in this blog post. I just like the details and it would be great to have as decorations for my car. If you are interested, I have posted the links underneath the photos for you. Remember to read the reviews before buying for the best shopping experience. 

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