Thursday, June 8, 2017

Room decor and floor decor

Besides fashion I really like room decor. I love decorating my bedroom. It's very vintage inspired, and I was planning on having a room tour very soon if you are interested! So while I was looking for room decorations to decorate my room I came across some floor murals from beddinginn. I found them fascinating and unique so I thought I would share some of my favorites here. I really liked the ones which were for the bathroom. 

I found them very creative. It looks more like you are by the sea in a tropical place and not in the bathroom. I really like that because I love spending time by the sea. It brings back good memories! I really like the ones which are universe and galaxy inspired. These are so some of my favorites, but there are many more 3d floor murals from Beddinginn to choose from, which have other designs.

I really like that there is a varied collection to choose from and that you will find one that you personally like. I personally like the ones which are nature and universe related! But that's because I love spending time in the nature. I grew up in a place surrounded with a lot of nature, so that has affected me in some ways. I also like that they prevent slippery floors as well, which is a very good thing.      

 Beddinginn has also other amazing room decor products. I especially love that they have vintage inspired products with beautiful details. I also like that they are very shabby chic inspired. The products are very creative and unique! I have found many products that I really like which would be perfect for the apartment, for instance the lamps, clocks and curtains. They also have other great products for outdoor as well and great products for gift ideas! I really love shopping there, because I always find great products for my apartment. If you are into the same style as me and like things which are shabby chic then you will definitely find things you like!   


  1. very creative idea however I'm nor exactly sure if I like it or not

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  2. enjoy reading this post..

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