Friday, April 14, 2017

Beautiful Vintage Dresses

appliques hiver crystal glamour et dramatique longue scoop printemps trompette / sirène robe

I hope you are having a wonderful Easter so far! I have been online shopping for clothes like I usually do, and trying to find inspiration on how to decorate my bedroom for spring. As you probably have expected it's going to be vintage and whimsical inspired. While, I was shopping I came across an online shop called, 
They have so many beautiful dresses, which I find unique and have the most amazing rhinestone details. I love the styles that they have, which is a combination between vintage and whimsical. I really like that they have a varied collection of dresses in many different colours, so there is definitely a perfect dress for everyone. I personally love the ball dresses and wedding dresses that they have. When I look at the ball dresses, it brings back to the winter balls we had in High School jr. So many memories which were made, and the excitement of finding the perfect dress. Time really flies.   

I got inspired by the beautiful wedding dresses that they have with gorgeous vintage styles and rhinestone details, which you can find here: 
I really love vintage and vintage inspired wedding dresses, so if I ever get married I am going to choose a wedding dress like that. I love to help people with finding the perfect wedding dress, and I have helped a couple by now when I think about it. So if you are going to get married or just looking for some inspiration you should definitely have a visit, maybe you find the perfect wedding dress you are looking for. I recommend you to read the reviews before you are buying the dress. If people who have bought the dress before have great experiences with it, then you will definitely have it too.