Monday, February 27, 2017

Princess shoes

wedding shoes 
I hope you are having a wonderful week so far! So far my week has been slightly busy, but when I got some time I usually go online shopping. I really love shoes, and I love finding shoes with unique designs and great details. While I was shopping I found these beautiful heels, and I thought I had to share them with you. They are girly and princess inspired. 

They remind me so much of the princess heels which you see in Disney movies. I absolutely love that kind of style. If you are wondering these shoes are from an online shop called fsjshoes, which has many great shoes in different styles and colours. For instance, they have Lepoard print heels, if you like heels or shoes with animal prints. 

Mostly, the shop has shoes which are perfect for special events, but they have many shoes which you can wear casually.For instance the vintage boots that they have. 
They are very comfy and I think they are perfect for work or school. 

But lately I have been loving very tall heels, those 4 inch heels. Maybe because they make me feel taller for some reasons. But also I have found many high heels with beautiful glitter and rhinestone details. If you happen to find any great pair of shoes, remember to read the reviews first. If others have had a great experience with them, then you will mostly experience the same.   


  1. Gosh those shoes are so beautiful! If only I could wear heels like that, but I'd be falling over all of the time. I could probably get away with the last pair though...

    Lizzie Bee // hello lizzie bee

  2. everyone needs some princess shoes in their life! love these. thanks for sharing them. xx. gigi.