Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Besides shoes I really love dresses. The best thing is to find dresses with unique styles and beautiful details, for instance prom dresses and princess alike dresses. I also like vintage and vintage inspired dresses. It's something about the style that I really like about them. I just love looking for vintage dresses in different antique and vintage stores. You never know what to find, and I have found some of my favorite dresses from there. 

At the same time I like to look for vintage inspired dresses. I came across an online clothing store, called Runbuye, which has many great vintage inspired dresses. I have added some of my favorites in this blogpost, and I like them because the styles remind me so much of the actual vintage dresses! For instance the buttons and the lace material of the first dress. 

They also have many great fashion dresses which I really like. The shop has a great selection of dresses in different colours, styles and details for everyone! If you like dress shopping like me or want to find inspirations and ideas. You should definitely have a look.