Monday, August 29, 2016

Beautiful homecoming dresses

It's soon fall and that means homecoming is around the corner for some of you. That means it is time to find the perfect dress for the event! Many of you are probably wondering which dress to choose. It is important to plan ahead, rather than waiting for the last minute. You want it to be a great memory which you can look back. I decided to have a post which is meant to give you some ideas and inspiration on which type of dresses to choose. I looked through an online shop called, Dressthat and found these beautiful dresses. 

I especially like the pink dress in this post. It is something I could totally wear at a homecoming. The colour combination between silver and pink, and the beautiful details. I like that it has a vintage touch to it! It's a great shop to find cheap homecoming dresses in many different colours with beautiful styles and details!



  1. Amazing selection:) yes dear i follow you since many times with the name Denise, hope you follow me to kiss