Monday, February 15, 2016

Inspiration and ideas for styling your wedding dress

The hair updos on my previous post are also perfect for weddings as well! It made me think about continuing giving ideas and inspiration for weddings. Because I know how difficult it can be to choose the perfect dress or the shoes for the big day. Everything is supposed to be perfect and beautiful! I have been helping my relatives and friends when it comes to styling wedding dresses and choosing the right items for weddings. So by this I thought it would be great to share my knowledge when it comes to styling wedding dresses. 

One of the things which is important is to choose the right wedding shoes for the right dress. This blog entry will be all about wedding shoes. When I am helping others choosing their wedding shoes I always tell them it's important that they are comfortable and that they fit your wedding dress! There are so many beautiful wedding shoes which come in so many different styles. You just want to have them all! I think helping others chose their wedding shoes is the fun part, but that's because I love shoes so much. 

I decided to add some photos of wedding shoes which I think are so beautiful and simple when it comes to style. They don't have too much details which can steal away the attention of your dress which is perfect. These are wedding shoes nz of nzdresses, which has a great selection of wedding shoes in different colours and style. This can be a great inspiration for those of you who are planning a wedding. 

Hopefully they can give you some ideas on what kind of style on the wedding shoes would go perfectly along with your wedding dress or maybe one of these shoes is what you have been looking for! For me these shoes do not only fit for weddings but can be used in other special events like proms. If you are looking for more beautiful shoes to dream away for wedding and other events I would recommend you this link:

I hope this was helpful and inspiring! 


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