Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Wedding special

One of the things I have noticed is that I have started to receive wedding invitations from friends and relatives these last couple of years. You know when you are starting to receive wedding invitations and photos from your friends’ weddings it’s when you finally realize you are starting to become an adult. You don’t think about it, but the fact is that you are getting older every day. It’s still strange for me, because I am still living my life while some of my friends are getting married. I think many people can feel the pressure to get married when they see their friends and relatives are getting married. But for me it’s always been important not to rush when it comes to this. For me you have to feel yourself ready before you can get married with a partner that you love, that’s the reason why the wedding day is a very special day. It’s the day when you become husband and wife. It’s the day you are wearing a wedding ring that marks you are going to spend the rest of your life together. 

I always help planning the weddings for my friends and relatives because I want it to become one of the best days in their life. They often ask me for advices on what kind of bridesmaid and wedding dresses would be great for the wedding. There are so many styles, colours and designs to choose from. I have been looking through many online shops and my favourite lately is Aisle Style which I recommend when it comes to buying wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses. 

They have a wonderful selection and you can find styles and designs which is perfect for you. I for instance found the most gorgeous Vintage Wedding Dresses on this shop and I would love to have one of these ones if I am ever getting married. 

It’s a great shop to find inspiration. They also sell other dresses like prom dresses and evening dresses. I also loved their bridesmaid dresses, especially the Purple Bridesmaid Dresses. It’s a shop where you can find something which fits for everyone. I hope that you find something nice here. I sure did!



  1. super gorgeous dresses , love the lace detail
    Keep in touch

  2. Great post and amazing pictures :)...thx for sharing!

  3. The third and fourth dresses are so beautiful!