Thursday, October 22, 2015

Beautiful dresses

I have to say that the time goes by so fast. It's not a long time until my birthday! and it's soon Christmas and New Year. I haven't been thinking about it until today! I look forward to when they are going to decorate the city with Christmas decoration. Yesterday, I was in a Christmas spirit. I made a playlist on my sportify of my favorite Christmas songs of all time, and I planned out how I wanted to decorate my sleeping room for Christmas. It's time of the year again where we can plan out which dress we want to wear for Christmas and the New Year. 

It might be early for some, but I like to plan ahead and looking for dresses is fun when you are a fashion lover like me. I am currently planning which dress I am going to wear for my birthday, but actually I am thinking about buying a new dress as a birthday gift to myself. Recently, I have gotten inspired for what kind of dresses I would love to wear on my birthday from a shop called They have a lot of wonderful dresses in different styles and designs which you could dream of. I have been dreaming for hours by looking at these dresses. 

I personally love the long prom dresses which are perfect for any occasions where you have to dress up.I posted a couple of prom dresses which I think are totally stunning when it comes to style and design. My favorite of all of them is the long lace dress with the pastels details, which I think is shaped into flowers.I also like the dark pink dress, the colour is very special, and I love the style of this dress. I think all of these long prom dresses are stunning!

Other prom dresses that I like are the light coloured ones. They really fit to my whimsical style. The ones that I really like are the light pink and the white prom dresses. They are simple and very beautiful. When I look at these dresses they remind me of Taylor Swift's style at the beginning of her career which was whimsical, princess and fairy tale alike, a style that I really love. 

I really like evening dresses in lace with beautiful rhinestone details. I think I will go for a dress like this for my birthday. My favorite ones are the light blue and the white. For me the combination between design and details turn them more into masterpieces. They are so pretty to look at and they definitely both have a glamorous and whimsical touch! I fell in love with all of them! 



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