Wednesday, July 15, 2015


I have received so many invitations to weddings lately! The summer is a perfect time to have a wedding, and it definitely creates great memories. It's going to be a long time until I get married, but still I love looking at the beautiful weddings dresses. It's definitely something magical about them. There are so many designs and styles to choose from. I don't think it would be very difficult to choose only one wedding dress when there are so many beautiful ones. My wedding dress will definitely be vintage inspired because I love the styles from that period or maybe mine will be a twist between vintage and modern. Who knows, but it will be a long time, so I got time on my hands. If I still have this blog until then I will definitely document it on here. I also love looking at wedding dresses as well, because I get inspired by them, and because they are so beautiful to look at. I came across an online shop called landybridal
which sells so many beautiful wedding dresses. I could spend a lot of time looking at their wedding dresses, it's very inspiring. They have so many great designs for every taste. I definitely love the
that they have. They are very pretty when it comes to style and design! If you are looking for a wedding dress I think you should have a visit, maybe you find something that you like! They have both modern and vintage styles. If you are looking for inspiration you can also have a visit as well!


  1. Beautiful dresses!


  2. so pretty pics; _)

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  3. wow! very nice dresses:)

  4. such beautiful dress, loved the lace ones

  5. Wonderful selection of bridal dresses, I prefer the ones with lace (: GIVEAWAY

  6. Beautiful dresses!

  7. Beautiful dresses, perhaps one day i will consider this as my wedding dress :P

    I love you white dress ! you look hot and gorgeous dear <3
    and Lombok ! it is so beautiful and on my wishlist :)

    lots of love and please do check out my blog,

    Veronyca Sufry