Monday, July 20, 2015

Hair and Hair Extensions

My hair grows very fast and I am lucky to have thick hair. But some of you have thin hair and it grows very slow, at the same time some of you have to trim your hair often which takes even longer time for it to fully grow out. Fortunately, I don’t have that problem and I truly understand how irritating it must be for those of you who have to deal with that problem. I will make a blog entry with some tips for you very soon which hopefully will help. But first I recommend you to try hair extensions. 

I mention this because I know a lot of friend who have thin hair, which grows very slow and they all use hair extensions to get thick and long hair. I had no idea they used it all the time until they told me about it. If you use hair extensions 

it’s very important to choose hair extensions with good quality. An online shop which I recommend is uuhairextensions, which sells beautiful hairextensions for a great quality. They have many different clip in hair extensions in different haircolours for your own taste.  They have hair extensions in different inches which depends how long you want your hair to be, for instance they have  26 inch clip in hair extensions . Among other things that they also have is 26 inch hair weave . If you want you should have a visit, hair extensions might be a great option for you. 



  1. I love some good extensions! Just to give some volume!

    X Nora /

  2. such nice natural looking extensions

  3. I love extensions kiss

  4. I agree. Quality is of course important in just about any purchase, but it is very necessary when it comes to hair extensions – especially for those with thin hair who aim to thicken theirs with these. They don’t only have to clip and fasten in place well, they should be tensile too, and withstand any stress and damage. They have to be sturdy and firm in order to work, and be of great help to those who use them.

    Renee May @ Virgin Hair Fixx