Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dresses and Bedding sets


If you have read my blog for a very long time you probably know that I have a thing for dresses. For me I really like dresses with unique and beautiful designs. I mostly buy dresses online rather than the stores nearby because there is a wider selection of dresses online. But also because I always find more beautiful dresses which I really like rather than the dresses in my local store. Honestly, I don’t find any great dresses in my local store anymore, and if I find one I always see others wearing exactly the same dress which is annoying. So that is one of the reasons why I always stick to buying dresses online, and it will most likely not be another person wearing the same dress. I have been online shopping for a long time and I have great experiences when it comes to that, so I want to share my experience with my lovely readers.

My favorite shop lately is called beformal
They have so many beautiful dresses in many different colours. There are many types of dresses in unique designs which are truly stunning and whimsical in style. I especially love the Formal dresses that they have, but they also sell amazing wedding dresses with great styles so if you are looking for wedding dresses you should have a visit. The shop also has lovely special occasion dresses such as cocktail dresses and evening dresses which are just incredible in style. I also love their collection of Bridesmaid dresses with are really beautiful. The best thing about this shop is that all the dresses are really cheap, so you should definitely visit this shop if you are looking for a dress for a special occasion or just looking for a great dress! 

I am currently decorating my sleeping room and I am currently looking for bedding to have for my room. The best thing is that 
I found Bedding Online from beformal that I really like and are willing to buy. 
If you are also looking for bedding sets to have in your sleeping room you should definitely have a look! They have a great variation for your personal preferences. They are currently running a great Bedding Sale, so you should have a look, you might find something that you like. I have added photos of dresses and bedding sets in this post which I like from this store as an inspiration for you. If you like what you see you should definitely have a look. Have a great shopping experience!



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