Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring outwear

What I love the most about spring is definitely the changes in the nature. The flowers have slowly started to blossom, the twittering birds have come back, the fresh air and the days have become lighter. But the trees haven't got the green leaves, yet. The weather is still cold here. But I hope the weather is getting warmer. When I was little I lived by a beautiful floral field with light purple flowers. It was behind my garden and it was isolated with tall trees. But it was truely breathtaking like a dream, especially during the summer. I would always spend time here with friends or watch the sunrise. I often visit this place whenever I can and it's always so beautiful. To be honest, I haven't seen a more beautiful place than this.
But I also love looking at spring trends, especially spring outwear. During winter we had to wear warm jackets and coats because of the cold weather, but since the weather is getting warmer we can wear blazers and spring jackets. You have probably seen in many of my outfits that I love to incorporate blazers, but it's because they turn an outfit to something special. I own many blazers and I try to use them as much as I possibly can because I really love them. I have posted photos of blazers I really like. You can find them on this link:
if you are interested. There are also many beautiful spring jackets and I really liked the ones I found on this link: 
You should definitely have a look, maybe you find something that you like. The shop, Dressve also has a blog which you should visit:  

Have a nice weekend, and I hope that you find something interesting!