Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wedding dresses

I really love looking at wedding dresses. They are so beautiful to look at, and I love the white colour. It's one of my favorite colour. When I look at wedding dresses I always get inspired for some reasons. It's a great inspiration for my own outfits as well. Once when I was at the thrift store I found a really beautiful wedding floral garland from the 60's. The moment I saw it I had to have it, and I can't wait to style a 60's inspired outfit with it. Talking about wedding dresses, it's a long time until I get married. But that doesn't mean you can't look at wedding dresses, and keep dreaming. If I still have this blog when I get married. I will definitely document it on my blog. Another type of dresses I really love are evening dresses. They are really great to look at. If you got inspired, looking at these wedding dresses, you can find more of the collection called 2015 cheap wedding dresses of on this 
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More outfit posts will come during this week!



  1. Che meraviglia, veramente ad sogno!

  2. Beautiful dresses dear.


  3. very nice dresses Diana :)

  4. super gorgeous wedding dresses
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